Dentsu wins Collaborative agency and client award at D&AD Awards 2020

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Dentsu wins Collaborative agency and client award at D&AD Awards 2020

Dentsu Inc. Tokyo and East Japan Railway Company awarded the Collaborative Award for Creative Agency and Client Collaboration at the D&AD Awards 2020.


The Collaborative Award celebrates ‘long-lasting relationships (of at least three years) between clients and their advertising and/or production companies that have led to the creation of amazing work over time’, according to D&AD. Two other categories recognize Design Agency and Client Collaboration and Production Company and Client Collaboration.

The award recognizes Dentsu’s collaboration with JR East, over almost ten years on the campaign, ‘Get Back, Tohoku’ launched shortly after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 and the exceptional quality of work produced over the years.

Yoshihiro Yagi, Creative Director/Art Director, Dentsu Inc., said: “JR East assumes a large role in Japan’s social infrastructure and in businesses that are relevant to local communities. The decade-long ‘Get Back, Tohoku’ campaign well represents the company’s mission. It has continued a conversation with the local people and sends messages to say that they are there for them. It has been a great honor for Dentsu to play a small part in this mission. Creativity is much needed to help local communities thrive and to help residents be proud of their communities. I hope the client and the agency can continue to work together, making use of technology, design, and most of all creativity, to keep the story alive.”