Reprise Digital Malaysia launches gameshow on Facebook for UEM Sunrise offering exclusive rebates when purchasing units

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Reprise Digital Malaysia launches gameshow on Facebook for UEM Sunrise offering exclusive rebates when purchasing units

Reprise Digital Malaysia has launched ‘The Happy Chase’ campaign, a game show on Facebook for UEM Sunrise, one of Malaysia’s leading property developers that allows the audiences to play and win rebates when purchasing a unit from any of the 22 participating UEM Sunrise high quality and attractive projects.


UEM Sunrise’s ‘The Happy Chase’ campaign lets audiences discover and learn about UEM Sunrise’s projects and the property market while promising exciting, stress-free rebates, more attractive rewards and easy entry for house buyers. The campaign is run in enhancement of the government-led Home Ownership Campaign (HOC 2020), initiated to support homebuyers looking to purchase property and rejuvenate the property sector.

Amir Faiz, Group Creative Director of Reprise Digital Malaysia said: “‘The Happy Chase’ campaign looks to connect with a broad spectrum of Malaysians – first home buyers, mature families, investors, and potential buyers who would normally be daunted by the prospect of home ownership. The idea is to empower consumers through the experience and demonstrate how simple and accessible home ownership can be. The medium of a game show allows us to engage consumers in a fun way while allowing them to learn more about UEM Sunrise and the property sector.”

‘The Happy Chase’ targets three groups of buyers, youths or first-time home buyers who are “chasing” their independence, mature audiences, those who are “chasing” their dreams for the security of their family and the investors who are looking for opportunities and bargain deals from developers for properties with value and potential. This also sets house buyers on a path to “chase” more rewards.

Questions featured within the game show range across general knowledge, property and UEM Sunrise brand-related topics. Participants stand a chance to win exclusive additional property rebates, home appliances and cash vouchers, including an opportunity to place a RM1 booking fee to secure their dream home.

Faiz adds: “We wanted to tease Malaysians to think about this golden opportunity in simplistic terms. Teaser ads running concurrently across digital and print ask the question. “Would you rather spend RM1 on nasi lemak or potentially book your dream home?” The Happy Chase is on, and we’re excited to play a small part in spurring on the dreams of so many Malaysians.”

The month-long game show is hosted by well-known TV host & actor Baki Zainal who has found fame across cultures due to his colourful personality and fluency across English, Malay and Mandarin.

Kenny Wong, Chief Marketing Officer of UEM Sunrise said: “’The Happy Chase’ is an extension of our UEM Sunrise tagline ‘Find Your Happy’, and introduces all the key elements we wish to demonstrate to our audience – that finding your dream home is possible, with UEM Sunrise here to help you find your happiness through stress-free steps. The Reprise team connected the dots with the game show element to bring this to life in a fun and accessible way, and we’re excited for Malaysians to get started on their first step to chasing a dream UEM Sunrise home.

“The Happy Chase is UEM Sunrise’s answer to our customers who are looking to find their dream homes built with quality and features tailored to their growing needs. Who says that owning a home needs to be a daunting process? With ‘The Happy Chase’, we want to make our customers’ journey to finally obtaining a UEM Sunrise home a smooth and even fun process.”

The live game show launched on 15th August, with subsequent shows scheduled weekly till 5th September 2020, and the Home Ownership Campaign overarching into mid-2021. The game show is hosted exclusively on the UEM Sunrise Facebook page, with media touchpoints across digital and print.