Reliance Jewels take you down Odisha’s 1000-year old art heritage history via Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India

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Reliance Jewels take you down Odisha’s 1000-year old art heritage history via Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India

Reliance Jewels’ partners with Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India to release new festive collection “Utkala” – Where Beauty Rises, is inspired from Odisha’s rich art and architectural history and is an ode to the land where not just the sun, even beauty rises.


Inspired from some of the greatest marvels of Odisha’s architecture like the Konark Sun Temple, Jagannath Puri Temple and the Mukteshwar Temple, and some of the most beautiful art and cultural forms like Boita Bandana, Pattachitra, and Seenthi, the collection name is also derived from Odisha’s ancient name, Utkal.

From choker sets to short necklaces to long intricate and elegant necklace sets, there is an array to suit various occasions and budgets. The designs in Gold collection are crafted in 22kt Gold & include exquisite jewellery with antique & yellow gold finishes as well as intricate filigree style jewellery in yellow Gold & antique finishes. The diamond sets crafted in 18kt gold is perfect for your festive as well as contemporary looks.

Odisha is known as the home of the sun, and its ancient name is Utkala. It’s also a land where for thousands of years, the world has witnessed the rise of art. And we added the angle that Utkala is also the land where not just art or the sun, but even beauty rises.

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi also wrote this first-of-its-kind Sanskrit shloka for this campaign, This has a very ethereal and elegant vibe to it and beautifully captured the poetic expression of the idea, ‘Where beauty rises’.

Utkala Collection is a true confluence of the distinctive motifs, patterns and designs that embody the state’s art, tradition and culture to perfection that is beautifully captured in this film. The film gives us a beautiful tour into the rich culture of Odisha accompanied by glimpses of Odissi music and dance. The video makes us walk into uniquely designed jewellery inspired by the iconic Konark Sun temple art, Mukteshwar temple art, Puri Jagannath temple art, Seenthi dance art, Boita Bandhana maritime heritage and the exotic Pattachitra picture art wherein two sisters are immersed in embellishing themselves with the Utkala Collection. Here is a glimpse of the Utkala collection by Reliance Jewelsthrough this beautiful film.

Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels, said: “Jewellery communication as a category has become a very seen-it-before kind of imagery. With this campaign, we are looking to break that format and transform the communication into a completely new zone that is quite refreshing to watch and experience for our patrons. And the fact that this unique jewellery collection itself is inspired from such a strong and rich heritage story of Odisha makes it all the more memorable.We, at Reliance Jewels want to celebrate the rich heritage and the culture of Odisha and hence have attempted to showcase the best of Odisha with Utkala Collection. Offering this collection ahead of the upcoming festivals & the auspicious festival of Dhanteras makes it even more special, and we look forward to it being adorned by our patrons to look their best, and be eternally cherished.”

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, said: “It is rare for a brand to give the creative agency an opportunity to explore the rich art heritage of India, its culture, ancient art history, ancient languages like Sanskrit, art forms, and ancient architecture through animation, photography, graphic design, poetry, miniature prop making, and cinematography in one campaign.It is a rare opportunity for Scarecrow and we thoroughly enjoyed detailing the entire campaign where the communication is as intricate as the collection”.



Agency: Scarecrow M&C Saatchi
Creative Team: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Kapil Tammal, Sakhi Shah, Yuvraj Gorule, Vaishakh Jhunjhunwala, Kunal Parkar, Lalit Sakurkar, Antara Shinde, Yamini Gujaran, Shumnima Rai, Aman Sharma, Nirali Rathod, Sayali Wadke, Sandeep Kamble, Mrittika Chaki.
Account Management: Mangesh Mulajkar, Shamima Pereira, Vinav Nair
Studio: Subhash Gade, Mangesh Kasekar, Vikram Dalvi, Sandesh Rane
Client Team: Reliance Jewels
Sunil Nayak, Anup Kondakundi, Rohan Patankar, Tanishka Sharma, Shilpa Ullattuthodiyil, Suryakiran P., Anshu Jain, Lavanya. S. Kumar
Illustration: Deelip Khomane, Anant Nanvare, Sachin Ghaneka
Still Shoot Credits:
Photographer: Umesh Aher
Production House: Inega Talent & Production Pvt. Ltd.
Fashion Stylist: Divyak D’Souza
Make Up & Hair: Elton Fernandez
Producer: Ameya Damle
Product Stylist: Shamika Malegaonkar
MODELS: Sheryl Bennett & Perrie Kapernaros (Anima Creative Management Pvt. Ltd)
Music Composer: Aman pant
Bass guitarist: Rhythm Shaw
Rhythm: Sanket Naik
Sitar: Purbayan Chatterjee
Singers: Madhubanti Bagchi and Vibha Saraf
Mixed by: Bashab Bhattacharjee
Recorded by Vishal shinde
Studio: Chirping Birds
Lyrics: Manish Bhatt
Lyrics Sanskrit Corrections : Vandana Mujajkar
Film Production
Production House: Jungle Films
Director: Bosco Bhandarkar
Producer: Varun Mohta
Cinematography: Vikash Nowlakha
Stylist: Isha Ahluwalia
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Miniatures & Key Props: Mario D’Souza
Hair and Makeup: Laila
Associate Producer: Parthiva Nag
Line Producer: Varun & Grasshopper (Rama and James)
Production Manager (Bombay): Prathmesh Sukhani
Production Managers (Goa): Rama Naik & Rupesh Asnodkar
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Chief AD: Abhishek Roy Sanyal
2nd AD: Karan Khosla
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Lighting: Light N Light
Camera: Copterbois
Lenses: Nelson Mitchell
Grips: Goa Talkies
Offline Editor: Saif Azmi
Online Editor: Sanjay Malhi @ Sallys
Online Associate: Ruvil Ingle
VFX: Pramod Athor @ Sallys
Colourist: Vineesh Vijayan @ Nube
Post Production Supervisor: Sachin Amberkar
Post Production Assistant: Rahul Pawar

Reliance Jewels take you down Odisha’s 1000-year old art heritage history via Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India Reliance Jewels take you down Odisha’s 1000-year old art heritage history via Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India