Eight brands Vattanac Properties, Cambodia’s first smart eco-city

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Eight brands Vattanac Properties, Cambodia’s first smart eco-city

Eight has announced the unveiling of Vattanacville, a visionary new smart eco-city spans over 1,000 hectares in the capital of Cambodia by Vattanac Properties, owner of the Rosewood Phnom Penh, located in Vattanac Capital designed by Farrell’s Architects.


The eco-city, encompassing luxury residential districts as well as offices, retail, civic and cultural centres and The King’s School, Vattanacville within a carefully-designed green environment with tree-lined avenues, golf courses, parks and lakes. Eight was assigned to create the brand, visual identity and launch communications.

The brand strategy of “Live Life to the Fullest” showcases a new vision for Cambodia – one with a holistic view on what living a good life truly means. It reflects the brand’s commitment to creating a space where families can thrive with considered design, thoughtful services and a clean, natural environment. Eight worked closely with internationally-renowned architects KPF to create the branding for this true city of the future, where residents can live for generations in harmony with the natural world around them.

Nature was the inspiration behind the logo, which is a stylised representation of the palm fan, the emblem of Cambodia. “Vattanacville will be a new landmark in Cambodia” says Iain Richardson, Executive Creative Director. “This is a place that reflects the face of modern Cambodia, and this blend of tradition and timelessness is something that we have tried to incorporate into the visual language.”

Eight also developed the launch campaign, based around the concept of leaving a legacy for the next generation “here at Vattanacville”. The campaign derives from the brand DNA and expresses how Vattanacville can provide the fullest life for you and for generations to come through its holistic design and considered high-quality architecture. The campaign will be displayed on outdoor advertising in Phnom Penh, print media as well as digitally through social media.

“It is no coincidence that Eight’s first Cambodian mixed-use development project is also one of the country’s largest and most enduring”, says Chris Fjelddahl, Partner. “The past few years have seen Eight steadily expanding its portfolio of district-building projects. Our understanding of global urban planning trends, design vision, and sensitivity to local nuances are a winning combination that helps to propel developers and investors to regional – and international – success.”

Learn more about Vattanacville here.