Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020

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Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020

At last year’s Indonesian Citra Pariwara creative awards Directors Think Tank Indonesia were named Production House of the Year. Along with this honour they were tasked with the job of creating the video content for this year’s 2020 awards.


In the midst of uncertainty during this pandemic, Citra Pariwara 2020 wants to lift the spirit of the Indonesian advertising industry by highlighting creativity as a powerful weapon, thus this year’s award show’s theme is called Creativity Prevails.

The theme itself is represented through glowing fireflies that shine even in the dark, just like how creativity gives light to lives in dark moments.

Theanimated  film is a result of a collaboration between Directors Think Tank Indonesia and Hakuhodo Indonesia’s concept, where Directors Think Tank Indonesia develops every aspect from the storyboard, animation, and music.

“The process took around three months from the storyline to the film. It tells a story of a boy who finds creativity and humanity after it releases a trapped firefly, that later help him and people around him to thrive, even during a difficult time,” said Fajar Noor Fathiri, Creative Director, Hakuhodo.

The film will be released as TV commercial, social media and event contents.

Chevie Law, Storyteller says: “I would like to thank Citra Pariwara 33 for giving us the opportunity to present a simple story in animation form. This is like the title’ little light’, we hope that through this little story, the little boy and the little fireflies will give the audience a little hope and warmth during this bad time.

“The idea of the story actually came from Rajay, he called me one day in the morning, he said he wants me to write a story about a firefly, maybe just a simple story that this boy saved the firefly, and the firefly returns and help’s him back one day when the village turns into darkness…

“We want audiences to have a light hearted feeling and also have the moments of inspiration about the message behind. “In the darkest of times, be the light of the world.” Besides that, fireflies in the film also represent that many small insights coming together that bring us the big idea!

“During the journey on making this animation, we started with character design, perspective & landscape composition, colour and animation. We have fight, love, hate, fun and tears during the making of. We are happy to see this film finally get released on time and we hope you can get a little touch of this little light story. basically the idea is little fireflies, little boy, little village, little story but when gather the strength from all these little things, and it could light up the whole world. Another challenge for Anton and 2am Music who had very little time to do the sound design and music compose…but they delivered something very special”.

DTT Post, executive producer, Sivagamy Jeeves, said: “We had approx five weeks to complete this project. What started off as a 2min animation, grew to become a 5min film! We started the process with a couple of intense brainstorms with the Rajay (executive producer) and Chevie (storyteller). Storyboarding quickly followed.

“Moving on to character design, with many rejections along the way, environment design and building assets for every scene including the in-betweens. At this point we also needed to decide on mood, and colour. As we proceeded with the illustration we than also found the colours that we chose were far off from one scene to another… hence, back to the drawing board.

“As we began animation, we had many’ set backs’ in terms of storytelling i.e not enough scenes, emotions not coming thru and so on. To top that, we also had to stop work now and then think of three teasers, to draw the scenes and animation within the same timeline.

“With only the three of us, we broke up the workload, to one person, doing up all the character design, another illustrating all the environments, and one person animating all of the teasers. Also coaxing as many team mates to join in here and there to help out. Lots of motivation from team mate got us pulling through the many sleepless nights”.

Lim Lin, director, DTT Post, said: ”At the end of the day, I know I have learnt so much in terms of direction,depth, colours, mood etc… my animation skills also have improved tremendously”

“Wow! What a learning curve in just five weeks! Crazy but exciting at times, many tearful nights… but all and all definitely a great experience!” says Yuer Leong, director, DTT Post.

Gamy added: “With very high expectations from Jay and Chevie, Yuer, Lim Lin and the team definitely stepped up to the plate, despite the short timeline and other limitations. I’m very proud of them. So young and relentless! We, as a team want to also thank Jay and Chevie for their limitless guidance, moral support and always encouraging us to never limit ourselves.”

Anton Morgan, Founder/composer, 2am, says: ”I love being able to score music to tell a story, it’s rare we get to do that in our industry so a huge thanks to Jay and his team to give us this opportunity to take it to the next level with full orchestration, complete with live strings by our very own Nisa and a great end track by 2am’s singer song-writer Sek How”. Big thanks to our firefly Ami

Rajay Singh, Executive producer, Directors Think Tank, said: ”Having a good heart during this bad time is very important, I really wanted to make something that was not about winning awards but more about hope and the better good during this terrible year, so the story has to be about humanity and at the same time also has to fulfil the theme of Creativity Prevails for the better and good”.

“I feel this wonderful animated story captures the sentiment and spirit of the year and of course, our message in Citra Pariwara 2020,” says Reza Fitriano, Chairman, Citra Pariwara.

Stephen Douglas, Executive Director, Directors Think Tank, said: “Coming from a postproduction background that has included Fin Design+Effects, Method Studios, Postmodern and Oktobor…I am just amazed at the level of animation these very young animation directors achieved in such a limited time, ‘hats off’ to Yuer and Lim and everybody involved in this wonderful project”.


Strategic Planning
Executive Director Strategy: Devi Attamimi
Account Team
Client Service Director: Euvine Winarni
Sr Account Executive: Laksamana Marsya
Account Executive: Komala Ilah
Creative Team
Executive Creative Director: Chow Kok Keong
Creative Director: Fajar Noor Fathjri
Sr. Art Director: Joshua Prakasa
Art Director: Nikholas Alviyanto
Copywriter: Heppy Dewandani
Studio Coordinator: Rizki Dermawan
Story by: Chevie Law (Directors Think Tank)
Directed by: Yuer Leong and Lim Lin (DTT Post)
Animation by: w_chuah and wenjun (DTT Post)
Color Grading: @huevskate
Executive Producer: Rajay Singh (Directors Think Tank)
Producer: Sivagamy Jeeves (DTT Post)
Post: DTT Post
Music Score: Anton Morgan, 2AM Music
Title Song: Sek Hao
Sound Designers: Kit Kuan Leong, Ian Khoo, Amier Nelson, 2AM Music
Violin: Nisa (2am Music)
Producer: Wira Chon, 2AM Music

Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020 Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020 Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020 Directors Think Tank Indonesia creates heartwarming content video for Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara 2020