INNOCEAN Worldwide appoints company’s first Global Chief Strategy Officer, Nicholas Kim

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INNOCEAN Worldwide appoints company’s first Global Chief Strategy Officer, Nicholas Kim

INNOCEAN Worldwide has appointed a Global Chief Strategy Officer (GCSO) to drive global growth and accelerate the company’s digital transformation. It was the first time since its establishment in 2005 for INNOCEAN to create the GCSO position and scout an outsider.


INNOCEAN has hired Nicholas Kim to the post of GCSO. With this, INNOCEAN has established a system that strategically supervises the business development of its global network of 29 operations in 20 countries.

Kim, a Korean American, is a global strategist and expert with 20 years of experience in brand/digital/media/design solutions and investment consulting. He is widely recognized as a specialist in business development and has led strategic initiatives to attract investments with well-known global brands like Google, GE, Samsung Electronics, Unilever, Nike and HP.

Kim’s insight and leadership have been proven by numerous success stories of clients and partners during his stints at Publics Communications East, Huge, West and many more agencies. Also, he has been active on numerous world stages, having been a member of the advisory council for Harvard Business Review and speaker at international events, such as the World Economic Forum.

Kim plans to reestablish the agency’s vision and future business strategy. He will target instituting a long term strategic plans, such as M&A, and accelerating company-wide digital transformation as his ultimate mission at INNOCEAN.

Starting from the Korean HQ, Kim will visit the overseas operations in the Americas, Europe and China to supervise INNOCEAN’s business strategy strengthen digital competence of overseas operations expand the company’s client and partner network and analyze/attract investments in new businesses.

Kim said: “I aim to improve INNOCEAN’s current key businesses and core competitiveness while diversifying its future growth,” adding, “I will do my utmost best so that INNOCEAN exhibits global leadership in responding to the ever-changing industrial environment.”