Seen+Noted: The Bud Light Legends save the day in beer’s new Super Bowl spot via W+K, New York

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Seen+Noted: The Bud Light Legends save the day in beer’s new Super Bowl spot via W+K, New York

This morning, Bud Light has introduced its second Super Bowl LV commercial, Bud Light Legends via Wieden+Kennedy, New York.


This year, the brand is bringing the nostalgia and featuring legendary appearances by iconic Bud Light friends including Grammy-nominated artist Post Malone, Cedric the Entertainer, the Bud Knight and more, as they all come together to save the Bud Light.

The Super Bowl advertisement follows fan-favorite characters as they join forces to help a delivery driver save an overturned Bud Light truck, and ensure the ice-cold Bud Light makes it to the convenience store. Leveraging their combined superpowers, the Legends celebrate and recreate some of the best moments in the history of Bud Light advertising. Take a look at the official trailer here.

Says Post Malone: “Back again with Bud Light for Super Bowl LV, honored to share the screen with such legends.”

Says Cedric the Entertainer: “I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since some of my most memorable moments with my friends at Bud Light. I am thrilled to be featured in this year’s Super Bowl ad and loved reuniting with fellow Bud Light Legends to bring some fun to the game.”

Says Andy Goeler, VP of marketing, Bud Light: “Fans have loved and celebrated Bud Light’s role in the Super Bowl for decades, and this year, we’re excited to reunite iconic characters in the most epic way with this new spot. Bud Light Legends rewards those that always go the extra mile for Bud Light, the friends that bring the fun wherever they go, and those who understand the importance of good times. Today, we invite our Bud Light Legends to come along with us for the journey.”

Says Joe Lennon, senior director, Bud Light: “‘Bud Light Legends’ tells the story of iconic Bud Light characters past and present coming together to save the Bud Light in time for the Super Bowl. This exciting spot formally introduces our new Bud Light Legends program and celebrates Bud Light fans on the biggest stage.”