PIXERF launches #PandemicRomance campaign to set the mood for Valentine’s

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PIXERF launches #PandemicRomance campaign to set the mood for Valentine’s

The pandemic has changed romance as we know it. Instead of going to the movies or romantic dinners outdoors, more couples are spending more time at home, streaming shows on their laptop or cooking together. Couples who have to live apart, separated by a mile or a continent are also finding creative ways to adapt, from teleconferencing apps to rendezvous dates via virtual games. To find their very own soulmates, hopeful singles are skipping face-to-face meet-ups and embarking on virtual dates instead. All over the world, pocket sanitisers and wipes become the new dating must-haves.


This is the new reality of romance as we head to our first ‘pandemic valentine’. But just because this year is not going to be “Valentine’s-as-usual”, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or memorable. Inspired by the creativity and resilience of the couples who have been doing their best to keep the spark alive in the age of social distancing, PIXERF is rolling out a social media campaign called #PandemicRomance with a series of posts on the brand’s social media channels.

As the name suggests, this tongue-in-cheek campaign gently pokes fun at the new woes and routines of being a couple in the age of the pandemic. Rhyming ‘poems’ peppered with local references and colloquialisms paint relatable romantic scenarios in playful sentences, from a couple pining for a cozy reunion at the end of Malaysia’s MCO period, to someone secretly crushing on a co-worker seen only during virtual Zoom meetings.

True to PIXERF’s mission, the #PandemicRomance campaign taps on the creativity and talent of its own global photography community by featuring the work of PIXERF creators as part of the greeting card visuals. Images of colourful flowers and plants complement the graphics, slyly winking at the traditional imagery associated with Valentine’s Day.

Beyond the cheeky humour is a sincere tribute to the spirit of this annual occasion, giving couples the reason to cheer and celebrate their relationships in ways small and big. Anyone who find joy in the #PandemicRomance poems are encouraged to share the post or send the virtual cards to their other half.

“This campaign is an invitation to look at the brighter side of things, even during these challenging times,” says Sa’ad Hussein, Chief Marketing Officer of PIXERF. “By using the work of our photography community, we also want to show the connection between the language of love and the language of visual content.”

PIXERF launches #PandemicRomance campaign to set the mood for Valentine’s PIXERF launches #PandemicRomance campaign to set the mood for Valentine’s