Propel Manila picks up creative and digital duties on Nutricia business

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Propel Manila picks up creative and digital duties on Nutricia business

Propel Manila starts the year strong with a big win as it leads Nutricia’s new vision for the children of today this 2021. Nutricia awarded their full prenatal and early child nutrition portfolio (Aptamom, Aptamil, and Aptakid) to the agency for both their consumer marketing and medical marketing.


Propel Manila, whose strength lies in its strong digital POV, is the first agency they’ve assigned to handle their total brand requirements.

Nutricia’s global positioning of “Raise Them Ready”, which emphasized on raising future-ready children, gave the agency an opportunity to strengthen it further in the local context, especially in the context of the pandemic. There is a major challenge for brands who focus on preparing Filipinos for the future, especially when they need to see results right at this moment. Propel Manila’s winning strategy was to put equal importance on building their kids’ resilience to face the immediate challenges that today brings. This makes it relevant to Filipino mothers who need their children to become resilient in the world we are already living in.

“This partnership starts at an important juncture in today’s context, with a brand that aims to help modern day parents raise their children with the power of nutrition to influence the trajectory of their lives. We think this mission matters a lot, and we couldn’t be more excited to start working.” said, JC Valenzuela, Propel Manila’s CEO.

Maxime Lafarge, Nutricia’s Country Manager, said: “We in Nutricia believe that each new generation should be healthier than the one before. As a new player in the Philippine market, we look to partner with a team that would take this cause to the digital world of Filipinos. With Propel, we stand together in making this matter now to Filipino parents to make a change in the lives of future Filipino generations.”

“Due to a growing shift in digital’s role in the lives of Filipino consumers, Nutricia saw the importance of a strong partner to fuel our digital ambitions. Propel Manila’s digital experience and knowledge will help Nutricia provide information, products and services on life-transforming nutrition at key moments throughout a Filipino’s life.” says Andrea Lee, Nutricia’s Country Brand Manager.

With its holistic approach to digital, Propel Manila is looking forward to helping the brand grow and evolve in their signature spirit of “Ideas That Matter” to truly make Nutricia matter to the parents of today.