Crazy Domains explores wild ideas in new mockumentary films via electriclimefilms

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Crazy Domains explores wild ideas in new mockumentary films via electriclimefilms

In close collaboration alongside Crazy Domains by Dreamscape Networks, electriclimefilms has produced a series of films with director duo Pabz Alexander and Rory Cavanagh and producer Feliscia Xu.


Shot in Singapore for the Australia and New Zealand markets, each film spotlights a striking, comedic character looking to kick-start their new business and websites; showcasing and selling their respective distinctively quirky interests.

Each film features a peculiar protagonist proudly introducing their “absurd” hobby and how easily they were able to get their websites up and running using the Crazy Domains platform. The humorous elements within each piece are enhanced with the eccentric wardrobe, locations and intricate detail in shots. In true mockumentary fashion, the films’ whimsical gaffes and larger-than-life personalities convince us to fully embrace our ideas — no matter how crazy or unheard of they may be.


‘Pete’s Nuts’
Nut enthusiast Pete McDougall shares his ‘ballsy’ business idea and how he landed on his hobby of caring for nuts. Throughout the film, he articulates the process he had in finding the perfect blend of ‘nut milk’ for coffee shops across the country.

‘World’s Greatest Artist’
Cassandra Jones, the winner of ‘Hottest Ice Sculptor 2020’, invokes imagination and captivates our senses by showcasing her fervent passion for ice sculpting. This film illustrates how she embraced her coolest business idea in selling her artistic creations.

‘Everyone’s A Winner’
Failed athlete Brian Waffle talks about how his ambitions developed while embracing his winning ideas. The film inspires us to get moving with him as he took things into his own hands and chose to always stay a champion.

Client: Crazy Domains by Dreamscape Networks
Chief Marketing Officer: Robert Winkelmann
Senior Video Content Producer: Daniel Tai
Head of Engagement & Loyalty (Marketing): Logen Lankatharan
Head of Marketing Design: Katerina Chernyavskaya
Production Company: electriclimefilms
Director Duo: Pabz Alexander & Rory Cavanagh
DOP: Juffrie Friday
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Senior Producer: Dora Claire
Lead Producer: Feliscia Xu
Assistant Director: Barnabas Chua
Production Manager: Jian Chen
Production Assistants: Bryan Tan, Chloe Tay, Mileva Seow
1st AC: Aaron Ang
2nd AC: Leong Wei Ching
DIT: Harry Scott, Eryka Fontanilla
Gaffer: Eljin Tan
Best Boy: Mohammad Noor Hakiki
Key Grip: Neil Cheah
Grip: Elliott Small
JR Grip: Swee Kheng Ko
Soundman: Cheng Lijie
Wardrobe Stylist: Lydia Koh
Hair & Makeup Artist: Hazirah Alam
Art Director: Ineza Ng
Editor: Venus Oh
BTS: Eryka Fontanilla, Harry Scott, Bryan Tan, Jian Chen
Talents: Dylan Foster, Toby Manners, Cheri Manners & Lucile De Graaf
Kit: Arri Alexa Mini LF + Arri Signature Primes Shot in Singapore