Dentsu APAC launches short film: Women From Home

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Dentsu APAC launches short film: Women From Home

Dentsu APAC has released a short film called “Women From Home”. Shot over one weekend, it gives viewers a peek into dentsu women’s lives this International Women’s Day, changed as a result of the pandemic.


This project started when dentsu had a forum for women at the start of the year which involved real conversations with women about working from home. The glaring fact? Women working from home now have a heavier load. The chores, childcare, parent care have added up tremendously to the endless meetings during the pandemic.

This gave birth to this film, “WFH: Women from Home”, made by dentsu women for dentsu women. A peek into their everyday struggles. Merlee Jayme put together all the top creative women heads in APAC and brainstormed extra ordinary solutions to lighten the load.

Merlee Jayme, Global Co-President, dentsumcgarrybowen, said: “The idea stemmed from asking: “Are you okay? Are you coping?” to a group of women during one of our Women Leadership forums. The film depicts 22 women, living in nine countries in Asia from all walks of life; single; married; Mum; caregiver; breadwinner. We wanted to show the extraordinary lives women at dentsu were leading as a result of COVID-19, recognising this is a snapshot of women’s lives across the world.”

“The feedback we have had from people, from those who participated, to leaders in APAC and beyond has been amazing. We’re aware of how tough life has become from our own personal experiences but combining so many fly-on-the-wall encounters in 150 seconds has created this raw, emotional and impactful snapshot, its only purpose to share experiences. To all the warriors at dentsu, and beyond. We see you. How can we help?”

At dentsu APAC, we have come up with some ideas to help people with the new situations they have found themselves in. We have created and opened it up to the public to add more ideas of ways businesses can help families during the pandemic. Extraordinary people need extraordinary help. We will be reviewing all the ideas submitted and finding out how we can help make meaningful progress for our people and wider society as a result of the pandemic.


Dentsu APAC launches short film: Women From Home Dentsu APAC launches short film: Women From Home Dentsu APAC launches short film: Women From Home