Creative intelligence agency ADNA expands network with launch in Australia

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Creative intelligence agency ADNA expands network with launch in Australia

Creative Intelligence agency ADNA Global is extending its capabilities into Australia, with a new office launching in Melbourne.


Extending access to the ADNA data panel, offering unprecedented access to 320 million people in 100 countries globally, Spencer Battista, Director & CCO ADNA Australia, says: “ADNA is led by a group of highly experienced creative and strategic minds. It’s a data- powered creative consultancy.”

“We exist because we believe that speed is no longer the enemy of good and we are here to change the research and creative consultancy dynamic. We will do this by bringing the two together under the one roof to create a potent offering, delivering big ideas with speed and efficiency.”

ADNA allows marketers and researchers to truncate their processes with more agile quantitative data.

“It’s fast, accurate and affordable,” says founder and CEO, Henry Gomez, from ADNA’s headquarters in Singapore.

With access to an audience of 7.5 million people in Australia alone, ADNA’s Global Head of Data, Strategy and Solutions, Nishant Kaushal says: “We are able to turn around consumer/customer/public research with unprecedented numbers of respondents in just a matter of hours.”

As a guide, most commercial research, especially those that help marketers to decide which creative ideas and assets to take forward, are done on sample sizes which carry unacceptably high error margins of up to +/-8%. ADNA designs studies that keeps the error margin below 2% so that critical decisions can be made with much more confidence.

“We also believe industry standards of 20-30min questionnaires are archaic, even tortuous, which incentivises ‘professional’ respondents and alienates normal people,” says Kaushal. “We therefore keep our surveys sharp and entertaining, crafted through our proprietary device-agnostic interface to ensure maximum engagement and ‘real’ responses.” He concludes.

“ADNA Australia is already partnering a number of brands and creative consultancies,” says ADNA COO David Mayo. “With Spencer in the driver’s seat, we have come to Australia to give clients and agencies the confidence that the work they produce and the decisions they make along the way are designed for maximum impact, optimum investment and minimum friction in production, delivery and results. Spencer is a dynamic, whole-brain leader with proven results in both business development and creative delivery.”

“Everyone we have spoken to in making this decision agrees that with data at the heart of the process, speed need no longer be the enemy of good. I am looking forward to showing Australia what this machine is capable of,” concludes Battista.

ADNA opened for business on 15 March and is based in St Kilda Road, Melbourne.