Papa John’s Pizza selects ComZone Asia to launch into Cambodian market

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Papa John’s Pizza selects ComZone Asia to launch into Cambodian market

While Papa John’s has a long history in the States and restaurants in 44 countries, this is their first journey into Southeast Asia. ComZone Asia Group has been appointed as their agency partner in Cambodia. The partnership sees the creative agency handling design, communication, and social media presence for the international pizza brand.


So far, Papa John’s Pizza has built three spacious locations in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. Each one is located in a strategic enclave around the city, catering to a distinct clientele. And plans are in the works to build more in the future. In preparation for their March launch, all are stocked with high-quality ingredients imported from the US and staff have been trained by a former Papa Johns regional manager.

Papa John’s Pizza selects ComZone Asia to launch into Cambodian market

“After seeing ComZone’s track record in Cambodia, we knew we had to work with them,” comments Peter Xu, CEO for Papa John’s Pizza in Cambodia. “Their deep knowledge of the Cambodian landscape and history of working with food and beverage clients in the region makes them a perfect fit for our launch.”

ComZone CEO Lundy So, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be working with Papa John’s. It is a pleasure to be working with such a well-known brand.”

ComZone Asia Group Strategy and Business Lead Jessica Lim, said: “Working with Papa John’s Pizza management has been a fantastic experience. They’ve been with us every step of the way with an unmatched spirit of collaboration and openness. Launching a restaurant during a pandemic is no easy feat, and brings a lot of uncertainty, but Papa John’s has remained receptive to our ideas throughout. One of the main themes for our launch is the idea of ‘BIG Flavor. It plays on the conception of America as a place of vastness. Since the brand is so new to Cambodia, this notion of an oversized American flavor built from better ingredients is a great vehicle to get that idea across.”

Lundy So added: “Though this is an uncertain time, this can also be one of great opportunities. Especially for a brand like Papa John’s Pizza. With so many of us at home, hungering for something different, we suspect their bold new taste can be a hit.”

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