ISI Group and ComZone Asia partner to fight the spread of COVID-19 in Cambodia

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ISI Group and ComZone Asia partner to fight the spread of COVID-19 in Cambodia

Cambodian steel manufacturer ISI Group and ComZone Asia Group have partnered to promote health and well-being in the country. In light of a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, the two entities have launched the #SimpleSafety Campaign.


“Since Cambodia avoided the worst of the pandemic for a long time, we fear people may have relaxed prevention measures,” says Jessica Lim, Regional Business Director at ComZone. “ISI Group and we here at ComZone wanted to use the power of social media to help reinforce social distancing practices.”

To sell the practice of physical distancing, ComZone Asia touches on a very human activity – conversation. The idea is illustrated by two disembodied masks demonstrating positive behavior change. In conversation, they recognize they are too close together and physically distance. The video petitions viewers to do the same with the phrase: “Together we can beat COVID-19 by standing a little farther apart”

“We show only masks in the video so that viewers could easily visualize themselves in this situation”, explains Lim. “This campaign is not about shaming people, it’s about giving a positive example of a small change people can make to make a big difference. Like us, our partners at ISI Group are committed to improving health and safety. So we are incredibly proud to be working with them on this public service campaign. We plan to reach thousands of Cambodians through digital channels. Khmer New Year is coming up, and many may be thinking of traveling to celebrate it. Without prevention measures like the one we show, it could be disastrous. Working together is vital in preventing the spread of this deadly virus.”