dentsu Philippines enters ‘era of simplification’ with six streamlined lines of businesses

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dentsu Philippines enters ‘era of simplification’ with six streamlined lines of businesses

In a move that triggers enhanced customer-centricity and operational efficiency, dentsu has fully realised the consolidation of its brands in the Philippines.


From hundreds of global brands, dentsu has now streamlined its lines of businesses into six leadership brands that will help clients navigate the next normal with idea-led, data-driven, and tech-enabled solutions.

The consolidation aims to enable a more radical collaboration in the agency, and the de-focus on brands and shift to lines of businesses and skill sets is expected to bring dentsu a renewed edge in delivering the full-range of marketing communication services to clients as it centers on three areas: creative, media, and customer experience management.

Dentsu Philippines Country CEO JC Catibog (pictured) notes that the consolidation has been planned prior to COVID-19, but the pandemic put the execution of dentsu’s new strategy into high gear as businesses all over the world adapted to a changing social and economic landscape.

Catibog said: “We have ramped up our efficiency before the pandemic hit us. The pandemic only accelerated our transformation and put our plans into an unbelievable stress test. In a huge way, this allowed us to be of better help and value to our clients. We started the year with a structure properly designed to practice agility. In dentsu, agility and efficiency are at the center of our work process, hyper-collaboration is everyone’s responsibility. Now that these trying times are calling for agility and collaboration more than ever, we are excited to see both in action, and show our clients the true meaning of it as we simplify the way we work.”

Dentsu sees their ability to offer their expertise across the board to be of critical resource for clients, especially with the acceleration of digital transformation on the heels of a global pandemic. According to Catibog, companies across the nation and the globe are amid a stage of “Hyper e-Growth,” as they are being pushed to integrate themselves online in what is perhaps one of the biggest digitalization events of the modern era.

dentsu also welcomes two key business leaders – Quad dela Paz as Head of Digital, and Koji Akabane as the Head of Media Service Line. Catibog said these hires amplifies dentsu Philippines’ key service focus in digital as it marches forward as a new streamlined, right-sized organization.

With a “re-set, re-structured, and re-energized” organization, dentsu believes it is in the best position to provide value and more meaningful, sustainable growth to its clients’ brands and its own business.

Catibog adds: “Everyone is expected to collaborate better and with greater agility. In elevating our work, we will further invest, as we always do, in fueling our creativity, digital knowledge, and expertise. We will be more externally-focused and client-centric. 2021 will be a brilliant opportunity to up our game strategically, creatively, and operationally, like never before.”