R/GA Singapore premieres latest SuperM K-pop music video for Prudential’s ‘WeDO’ campaign bringing people together

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R/GA Singapore premieres latest SuperM K-pop music video for Prudential’s ‘WeDO’ campaign bringing people together

R/GA Singapore supports Prudential Corporation Asia’s (Prudential) launch of their new ‘We DO’ social media-focused campaign that aims to bring people together to learn about the multiple dimensions of wellness in a fun, fresh and interactive way.


The campaign kicks off today 7PM KST, with the premiere of ‘We DO’, a new hit single and music video by K-pop group SuperM created in partnership with Prudential. It will be followed by an ongoing series of wellness activities such as dance challenges in collaboration with SuperM on social media channels. The campaign is now live regionally across Prudential’s Asian markets.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused countries across the globe to go into prolonged lockdowns, leading to a spike in loneliness and social isolation, and for some, lower fitness levels. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, are feeling pressure across various dimensions of wellness. Prudential wanted to bring a new perspective to health and wellness to help people become holistically healthier. Based on insights that the desire for empathy, togetherness and connectedness are at an all-time high and personal health thrives with a group effort, R/GA Singapore contributed and formulated ideas around the concept of dance, which led to the We Do Dance creative idea. The idea for co-wellness is in line with Prudential’s ‘We DO’ spirit, reflecting on the company’s focus on health and wellness and its commitment to support people at every stage of their lives.

Leveraging R/GA’s creative and experiential capabilities, the campaign aims to make co-wellness more dynamic, digital and united. R/GA tapped on the phenomenal rise of new behaviour in the social world: dance and used it to move people towards wellness collectively. Through K-pop, a genre of music that’s inherently unifying, fun and social, R/GA worked with SM Entertainment on the lyrics, choreography and production of SuperM’s new single and music video ‘We DO’ and also coordinated the launch between SM Entertainment and Prudential across Asia. The single, launched today, kicks off with wellness activities, including dance challenges in collaboration with SuperM on social media channels, to help people get better together. The first challenge goes live on 10 April, Saturday, and SuperM members will view shortlisted video submissions.

Dorothy Peng, Managing Director, R/GA Singapore, said: “Our partnership with Prudential has always been a fulfilling one, and this partnership was an exhilarating challenge of building connected human experiences that we’re uniquely geared to meet. Not many can say that they’ve created a new hit single and music video with a K-pop phenomenon, so we’re very glad to be able to make this happen together with Prudential.”

“Our mission is to make engagement between brands and people easier, more fun & rewarding, so we’re really excited to have launched this campaign for Prudential to redefine health and wellness together.”

Anthony Shaw, Chief Marketing and Consumer Officer, Prudential Corporation Asia, said: “As part of our commitment to helping people get the most out of life, we are delighted to launch the ‘We Do Dance’ series with SuperM. We want to inspire the young and young at heart to get healthy and have fun doing it. We are delighted to work with R/GA Singapore and tap into their creative expertise and leverage their insights to engage our young consumers.”