UNIQLO’s new UV Protection Wear collection promoted on posters featuring a live UV index

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UNIQLO’s new UV Protection Wear collection promoted on posters featuring a live UV index

UNIQLO rolled out an Out-of-Home campaign via Havas Media Asia Pacific, across Clear Channel Singapore’s digital screens, showcasing relevant advertising messages based on current UV index to raise awareness for their UV Protection Wear collection. People who are wary of being exposed to high UV rays and the damages that it can cause can take comfort in knowing that other than sunscreens, there are UV protection wear to reduce the risks of skin damages.


The execution taps into National Environment Agency’s UV index (UVI), an informative index that measures the level of UV radiation exposure that ranges from 0 to 11+ and are grouped into various exposure categories indicating the potential for harmful effects to the skin and eyes – low, moderate, high and very high. The digital screens then serve out recommended UNIQLO UV protective wear products that can be used to combat the corresponding UV levels.

Targeted at adults aged 25 to 50, the campaign that will also run on other digital platforms online e.g. YouTube, Social Media will end 25 April 2021.

Amanda Woo, Chief Development Officer, Clear Channel Singapore, said: “For instance, if the UV reading is high, it would reflect an AIRism UV Protection Hoodie and a low reading would show an AIRism Cotton UV Protection Crew Neck T-shirt. After the campaign, we’re able to provide insights into the footfall attributed to UNIQLO stores and the overall campaign visit uplift, all of which access the effectiveness of their campaign and their ROI. This is done via OutSmart Pin, our location intelligence solution that leverages real world consumer mobile data to track OOH ad exposure to store attribution”.

Joyce Tan, Marketing Director, UNIQLO Singapore, said: “Based on survey findings, UV protection is often skipped or forgotten as it is deemed as ‘troublesome’ and too much work to apply and re-apply. It can be hard to think of UV protection as an essential step when the UV rays are ‘out of sight, out of mind’. With this thought in mind, we wanted to find an easy and visually-appealing way to remind people of the UV index and the level of protection they need, and to show them that sun protection can be as easy and quick as throwing on a hat or cardigan with UV function.”

Media Agency: Havas Media Asia Pacific
Creative Agency: Section
Media Owner: Clear Channel Singapore