The Work 2021 Contenders: M&C Saatchi, Sydney

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

Baiada – Steggles/Lilydale: Ugly, but good for you
M&C Saatchi, Sydney
Turkeys are ugly, but delicious and very high in protein.
The problem was protein-loving fitness fans didn’t know this.
With people forced to train and cook at home in 2020, Steggles saw an opportunity.
We worked with Spotify to release workout hits and reach fitness fans while they were exercising.
The music was composed to fit seamlessly into the top fitness playlists and flow into the ad breaks.
Comedic lyrics drew the listener in with songs about the virtues of our ugly bird.
Ultimately, we reminded people that ugly things are good for them… especially our ugly, protein-rich bird.

Tourism Australia: Matesong
M&C Saatchi, Sydney
As Brexit dragged on, isolating Britain, Tourism Australia wanted to let them know they’re always welcome Down Under. So we hijacked The Queen’s national address on Christmas to create one of our own. ITV designed a bespoke media placement right before her speech, which we promoted as a TV Special featuring Kylie Minogue through an integrated, mass-awareness campaign. Millions tuned in to watch our ‘Special’, which was quickly revealed as a love letter from Down Under. We also maximised our film’s reach with digital roadblocks that capitalised on dual-screening behaviour; and cross-channel cutdowns during the evening’s Christmas specials.


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