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After a groundbreaking agreement with the government and pharmaceutical firms through the RA 11525 or the “COVID-19 Vaccination Program Act of 2021”, private companies are poised to lead the procurement of vaccines alongside the government. This will allow the private sector to help get their employees safely back to work, and the economy to recover.


Vaccine misinformation and brand bias pose some of the biggest threats against mass inoculation. This is why social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Google rallied their support behind the Department of Health’s initiative to fight fake news about the vaccines.

“We, at the Department of Health, thank Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter for rallying together in our endeavor to spread the right information. Whenever you see or hear new information, we encourage everyone to #ChecktheFAQs. With the campaign and by promoting this single message on social media platforms, we hope to urge every Filipino to always verify any information regarding the vaccines they may come across,” said Beverly Lorraine Ho, Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau and the Health Promotion Bureau, DOH.

To aid the private sector in inoculating the workforce, provides a one-stop resource for vaccine sponsors who need to get their employees ready for their own vaccination programs. was launched during the Vax to the Max event organized by the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX), IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Makati Business Club (MBC), and Management Association of the Philippines (MAP). The event saw audience of about 400 company leaders, HR managers, and other key decision makers.

During the launch, an ad hoc poll revealed that only an average of 75% of employees from attending companies are willing to be vaccinated. This leaves a quarter potentially at risk of being infected by the virus, possibly acquiring severe symptoms, should they decide to never undergo receiving the vaccine.

The results of the ad hoc poll align with the design of the site, which considers potential vaccine hesitancy. Among the unique features of the is a Vaccine Readiness survey, specifically worded for employees. A unique color-coded system helps employers strategize their approach and consider the different stages of vaccine readiness throughout their organization. These special considerations, arranged into three downloadable packets, can be mapped as a result of the Vaccine Readiness survey.

Green: For employees who are ready to go
The Green packet contains all the necessary items employers will need, including: a step-by-step launch program, a VaccinesAtWork primer video, editable templates for schedules and follow-ups, and links to reliable government and medical guidelines.

Orange: For employees who require more information
The Orange packet contains additional guidelines for discussion, on top of what the Green packet provides.

Grey: For employees who remain hesitant
The Grey packet considers that most hesitation comes from vaccine misinformation. This has additional key information on vaccines and how they work, plus expert information from doctors.

Since its launch, companies who have used the materials from have successfully distributed them to core members of their workforce, further reinforcing the need for employees to be vaccinated.

“Highly recommended, easy to use, easy to understand toolkit to help CEOs, HR heads, and unit managers strengthen their company and the country at the same time,” shares Coco Alcuaz, Executive Director of the Makati Business Club, Inc. “ helps business leaders leverage their credibility to accelerate recovery.” is a corporate social responsibility effort by MullenLowe TREYNA, one of the leading communications agencies in the Philippines.

“As an agency, the decision to make our main CSR for the year was borne out of our own pain points in dealing with employee hesitancy,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MullenLowe TREYNA, Mike Trillana. “We experienced first-hand that the hesitancy was real and that it had to be dealt with head-on. We spend the better part of our days trying to win the hearts and minds of our client’s consumers. What better way to make a real difference in a pandemic than by winning the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen for life-saving vaccines.”