Auto Vision launches first international automotive awards and festival in China

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Auto Vision launches first international automotive awards and festival in China

AutoVision China has successfully arrived in China and begun to call for entries from Asia for the first edition awards on 1 July.


This is the first time AutoVision Awards has been authorized outside its place of establishment since it was founded in Germany in 1993. AutoVision Awards is an international automotive festival dedicated to films, advertisements, documentaries, websites, social media and multimedia products in the automotive and mobility industries. Cooperating with the world’s prestigious and largest exhibition for Mobility (IAA), it is the only creative, marketing and visual award taking place at this event, and it is supported by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Every year, the world-renowned OttoCar trophy is awarded for those creative works that have made the most outstanding contributions to the automotive industry.

Alexander Kammel, Chairman of the AutoVision Awards International Festival, said “We have been working closely with IAA, the most important German International exhibition for mobility for 28 years. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) comprises some 600 major German car manufacturers, and both automotive component and car part suppliers; our cooperation is as solid as a rock. The members of our independent jury consist of experts in the automotive industry, world-renowned advertising companies, as well as successful producers and journalists. World-famous automobile companies such as Porsche, Daimler, BMW, Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Shell Oil, Volvo, Volkswagen, Goodyear Tire are our previous winners, and I feel deeply proud of this. I am very happy to have such a strong Chinese partner to launch the AutoVision Awards in China in 2021. We hope you can actively participate in the 2021 AutoVision China International Competition, and sincerely wish all contestants good luck!”

Managing Director of the German Association of the Automotive Industry and IAA Chairman, Juergen Mindel, said: “This year the IAA International Auto Show, which has always been a gathering of the global auto community, will embark on an unprecedented new phase and will become the IAA MOBILITY. For the very first time the show will take place in Munich this year. The show’s context will be extended to mobility, and the auto show will be more diversified, with elements ranging from cars to bicycles, high-tech connections, public transportation, unmanned electric vehicles, and many more. Not only is the IAA MOBILITY taking place in a new city, but the AutoVision Awards will also take place outside Germany for the very first time. I am very happy to announce that the AutoVison Awards will be presented in China for the first time this year. This is exciting and good news, and I wish AutoVision China good luck and hope they achieve great success!”

As an important part of the International Award, AutoVision China will uphold a rigorous, professional and fair attitude to provide Asian car companies with good exchange, communication and competition services. We will follow international standards to independently organize a review panel, formulate review rules, and conduct reviews under scrupulously fair conditions. Now the registration platform has been opened, you can log on at the link The deadline for submission of entries is 25 August. September is the time for the preliminary and final review, and the award ceremony will be held in October. Everyone is welcome to participate in all areas.