Four weeks left to enter London International Awards 2021 including newly released work

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Four weeks left to enter London International Awards 2021 including newly released work

As a show that’s created for creatives, London International Awards (LIA) believes new, relevant and inspiring work needs to be seen and shared worldwide. Creativity feeds on winning work to grow standards year after year. Without it, the industry becomes starved for inspiration and learning flounders.


LIA brings good news: LIA is still open for you to submit work that has missed the eligibility deadlines of the other major international awards shows. As LIA’s judging begins in October 2021, there is still time to send in new, fresh work. LIA asks agencies and production companies to optimise this advantage and send in their newly created work. The eligibility runs from 1st September 2019 – 8th August 2021. Therefore, all work broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval would meet this requirement.

Some good examples would be work pertaining to the recent UEFA Euro 2020 or the Tokyo Olympics.

Says Barbara Levy, president of LIA: “This is a time to work together to ensure recognition of the great creativity that our industry produces. At a time when most awards are continuing with late fees, we have decided to celebrate the industry that supports us as much as we can by discounting our entry fees throughout our entire entry season. For 2021, these are our key motivations.”

The entry system closes on 31st August 2021, so there is plenty of time and opportunity to meet the submission deadline.

Let LIA’s international juries be the first judges to see and assess this new work. This is both exciting and important. New work that is honored and showcased at LIA will have a butterfly effect. It will get the worldwide recognition it deserves. And, in turn, set the benchmark for greater creativity in 2022 and the years to come.



LIA 2021 Eligibility:
– As most work is a joint effort, LIA allows any company or individual to enter work they have collaborated on.
– Work must be broadcast, published or released from 1st Sept. 2019 thru 8th Aug. 2021

LIA has added two new competitions for 2021:
The first is Transformative Business Impact:
This competition recognizes that creativity does not just live within campaigns, it now plays an influential role in the enduring transformation of businesses including their operations, services, products, internal experiences and customer experiences. This medium doesn’t just recognize work that promotes solutions to customers; it recognizes the solutions themselves.

The second newly added competition is Creative Use of Data:
This competition recognizes entries that demonstrate the fundamental role of data in inspiring, powering and enhancing creative work.

LIA has changed the name of The NEW to Evolution

Judging will take place remotely in October. Check out the Jury Presidents here.

Final Entry Deadline: 31st August 2021