BBDO Singapore and Heckler Singapore team up on global campaign for Lalamove

BBDO Singapore and Heckler Singapore team up on global campaign for Lalamove

BBDO Singapore and Heckler Singapore have partnered with The On-Demand Delivery App and Asia-based technology company, Lalamove, to bring their newest campaign to life in SEA and LATAM.


As one of the biggest players within the on-demand delivery service providers, Lalamove aims to stand out and tell their target audience in South East Asia and Latin America about their excellent services through this fun, quirky, energetic and ownable campaign.

The campaign was remotely directed by Heckler’s Sao Paulo based duo Nylon, comprising Boca Ceravolo and Caio Montanari. The film was shot across two days in studio in Singapore and remotely attended by Lalamove in Hong Kong.

Set in a bright, playful, colour block aesthetic, the campaign features a 30” film and five shorter films that focus on specific features such as service, speed, reach, fleet and value for money.

Working closely and remotely with global clients and their partners, from Hong Kong and Singapore to Sao Paulo, BBDO and Heckler created close to 120 campaign assets that will be showcased on all channels in 8 markets across SEA and LATAM with various bespoke localised elements in each edit including vehicles, UI and talent.

​​”Just Lalamove it” as a concept has always existed, but has not yet been brought to life in the way it is for this campaign. BBDO collaborated with SongZu for this project to compose a piece of music that reflects the brand’s personality and that is also ownable to Lalamove. What BBDO and Song Zu created is a sonic signature that’s unique to Lalamove. By building a sound asset that can identify the brand without saying a word.

A brand name like “Lalamove” is the perfect opportunity to use the brand name as a verb. BBDO wanted to create a catchy song to evoke the relevant emotions to trigger memories for brand awareness and high recall.

Gerard Fitzgerald said: “The song was created by one of Song Zu’s most experienced composers who was exceptional at making engaging musical jingles. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s got to sound likeable. Good repetition in the medley is what makes it stand out.”

“Ensuring Lalamove was Instagrammable and trendy as well as being on-brand was vital for this campaign,’ said Guan Hin Tay, CCO BBDO Singapore.‘So, the team made sure that we optimized the brand colours and made creative, eye-catching content telling a story of what Lalamove offers and one that would stand out amongst the sometimes overwhelming, endless content of today. The music we had composed with Songzu is both catchy and fun and we hope that people will enjoy getting the jaunty lyrics and Lalamove brand recall stuck in their minds as much as we have.”

“People are shopping online more than ever since the pandemic, and the demand for delivery services is continuing to rise. This rebranding will position Lalamove as the consumer’s first choice for digital last-mile delivery service.”

Heckler’s Executive Producer, Charu Menon, said: “We enjoyed working with the creative team at BBDO and crafting these vibrant monochromatic CG worlds.”

The campaign launched in September in SEA (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) and LATAM (Mexico and Brazil).

Let’s see who gets excited to Just Lalamove it with this catchy and joyful tune.


Client: Lalamove Hong Kong
Alex Kwan – Head of Marketing
Kristie Cheung – Global Head of Marcom
Charlie Liu – Global Marketing Manager
Agency: BBDO Singapore
Monica Hynds: General Manager
Guan Hin Tay: Chief Creative Officer
Derek Chia: Senior Art Director
Joe Yeoh: Senior Copywriter
Chermaine Chong: Senior Account Executive
Anne Lee: Head of Operations
Jaye Ong: Producer
Production & Post: Heckler Singapore
Charu Menon: Executive Producer
Boca Ceravolo: Co Director (Nylon)
Caio Montanari: Co Director (Nylon)
Shoot Producer: Maryann Chan
DOP: Adrian Tan
Assistant Director: Tiffany Ng
VFX Supervisor: Cody Amos
Senior Motion Designer: Adrien Girault
Senior VFX Producer: Amy Jarman
Editor: Meghan Dwyer
Motion Designer: Gareth Chang, Woon Yeng Chen, Ruiting Wang
Compositors: Bertrand Polvika, Nitin Amin
Online: Abi Santos
IO: Johnson Lim
Head of VFX: Jamie Watson
Audio: SONGZU Singapore
Donny – Executive Producer
Gerard – Executive Creative Director

BBDO Singapore and Heckler Singapore team up on global campaign for Lalamove BBDO Singapore and Heckler Singapore team up on global campaign for Lalamove