DDB exits Indonesia with the agency becoming Bailey|Capel headed by John Bailey + Brian Capel

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DDB exits Indonesia with the agency becoming Bailey|Capel headed by John Bailey + Brian Capel

DDB has been a name in Indonesia for over 2 decades, but as of the 1st of October 2021, DDB ceased to have a presence in the market, instead, becoming Bailey|Capel. The name of the 2 principals, John Bailey and Brian Capel.


Brian Capel joined as a partner in June 2021 from his role of CEO Publicis Groupe, both John Bailey and Brian Capel decided that it was time they both had their names on the door.

Although they will remain supportive of DDB clients, they felt the idea of being a small, independent creative agency would breathe new life into the company.

Bailey has been the lead at the agency for close to 10 years and had been looking for the perfect partner for quite some time. Bailey and Capel met for a beer and just clicked. Very soon they found themselves partners sitting in the same office brainstorming over a coffee.

Capel said: “John has a built a great culture with passionate people and a very ‘informal’ environment which is why the agency has consistently produced very interesting work. It was an easy decision to partner John and now as Bailey|Capel, we will enhance a working environment that already breathes creativity, strengthen our structure and keep it agile and have a laugh doing it. The journey ahead is going to be very exciting… in a very John and Brian way, or rather, a Bailey|Capel way.”

Since the partnership began in June 2021, the agency has already had several new business wins, including Honda Prospect Motor and Juho, a new hard seltzer brand. Juho is a brand with tight budgets and big dreams, has given the agency an open book to create a new brand story. These wins add to the agency’s list of great clients who all believe in the power of creativity and trusted partnerships.

They both have the same philosophy: People, Product, Profit. In that order. Find the right people, inspire and encourage them to explore and experiment and they will create great work for our clients and with that, the profits will come.

Bailey said: “If you don’t enjoy what you do for a living then you’re not doing it to the best of your ability. Enough said.”