Olrange and Flock Creative Network in Indonesia establish digital holding group ALVA

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Olrange and Flock Creative Network in Indonesia establish digital holding group ALVA

Olrange, a leading independent digital advertising agency in Indonesia, gets a fresh investment by joining Flock Creative Network (FCN) to establish the ALVA holding group, consisting of Olround, Froyo Story, and Maleo. ALVA will focus on building a network with a pool of different entities with diverse digital specifications.


Fulfilling the dynamic needs of diverse businesses in the industry, the combination of four digital-led agencies allows ALVA and FCN to maximize the potential of the ever-growing digital ecosystem. This new establishment will create a powerhouse of integrated talents that serve complete digital services that integrate data with precise creative solutions while maintaining faster processes, effective results, and more efficient costing.

“We are very pleased to join forces with Olrange who we have always admired and enjoyed working with. FCN has been aggressively growing and obsessed with futurel transformation within our own network and having the right partner that possesses the steady leadership and capability to transform the digital landscape with an appetite for growth is the ultimate key,” stated Ivan Hadywibowo, founder of Flock Creative Network.

While the ongoing situation has been an eye-opener to the importance of digital advertising, the adoption of Digital Advertising in Indonesia has only grown 35% of the total advertising budget – lower than the global average of 58%. Looking at the market’s potential, both FCN and ALVA strongly believe that this is the time for ALVA to accelerate growth and create sustainable products and services to fulfill the current and future demand.