DIRECTOR’S PROFILE: Directors Think Tank Director Martin Wilson

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DIRECTOR’S PROFILE: Directors Think Tank Director Martin Wilson

Perth, Australia-based Martin Wilson is a director on the roster at Directors Think Tank, Asia’s leading production company with offices around the region including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Campaign Brief Asia put 15 questions to Wilson to find out more about him and his approach to directing.


1. What’s your favorite part of the job?
Just love collaborating and having fun, being creative on the set and in the edit suit.

2. What is your most productive time of day and why?
I’m a morning person for sure. But whatever it takes to get the best shot, day or night.

3. If you didn’t have this job, what would you be doing instead?
I’m a sport nut so I’d love to be an AFL draft recruiter for the Fremantle AFL club.

4. How early did you know this would be your path?
Been glued to a TV screen basically since birth. But at 5 when I saw the original Magnificent Seven that was it for me.

5. Can you name some recent jobs?
Just finished a national Kitchen Warehouse TVC with Andrew Tinning, we also did some cool post work with TANK3.

6. Do you put on a different hat when shooting for a specific genre?
Absolutely being a lover of all movie genres from Singing in the Rain to Armageddon to Super Bad I love putting on different hats.

7. Have you been continuing to shoot during the COVID crisis? Can you describe that experience?
Being Perth based we have been fortunate enough to been shooting pretty much freely and regularly. Touch wood.

8. Do you have a favourite piece of kit?
I love the Cooke Anamorphic lens set.

9. Are you often asked to do more than direct? If so, what are you asked to do?
People often comment on my voice, so I’m often doing temp voice overs for the commercials I direct.

10. What are three pieces of technology you can’t live without?
My head phones, mobile and laptop, I get easily frustrated when they don’t work.

11. This is a high-stress job. What do you do to de-stress from it all?
I love my indoor soccer. Great way to relax and let off steam and have a laugh with mates.

12. How do you manage producers’ expectations with the reality of what can really be done?
It comes down to time and money I like working with producers who are realistic.

13. How do you manage your time? Do you manage expectations or try everything they ask of you?
The end product is everything, it’s a combination of managing expectations and being flexible with what is asked of me.

14. When someone who is starting out asks what they should learn, what do you recommend?
Be a good listener.

15. How do you take criticism? Do you find yourself defensive or accepting of others’ ideas (good and bad)?
Feedback is the breakfast for champions.

DIRECTOR’S PROFILE: Directors Think Tank Director Martin Wilson