Flock Creative Network and Directors Think Tank Indonesia launch latest BCA spot

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Flock Creative Network and Directors Think Tank Indonesia launch latest BCA spot

Flock Creative Network and Directors Think Tank Indonesia recently collaborated on the latest spot for BCA.


As the largest transactional bank in Indonesia, BCA is eager to help local brands grow even more prominent. Through continuous support from endorsements, collaborations, and access to bigger market, BCA is committed to change Indonesian mindset so people are no longer hesitant to try local brands and also encourage them to start being localpreneurs. With that being said, BCA created a campaign named “Lokalgenik” which enables anyone to become local entrepreneurs through BCA Bangga Lokal program.

Together with Flock Creative Network, BCA launched a campaign video entitled “Pagelaran Lokalgenik” which highlighted the story behind Indonesia’s SMEs struggling through the pandemic situation that increases people’s awareness towards the importance of feeling proud of wearing local products with BCA Bangga Lokal.

The video presented Dalang and Sinden, which symbolizes Indonesian values while also bringing the modern touch through the visuals. The story itself is about a flashback of how COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard on 2020, where a lot of people were highly impacted. Some, even lose their job, but then started to become localpreneurs. In this situation where everything is uncertain, people are struggling to survive. Fortunately, BCA Bangga Lokal were the one who light them up by supporting them continuously with numerous webinars and providing them a platform where people can find BCA’s approved local products that matches their preferences. Not only that, BCA also help them to collaborate with numerous creators. By featuring more than 500 BCA Bangga Lokal’s merchants, we also shared some testimonies about how BCA Bangga Lokal became their support system until they can promote their brand domestically or even internationally. Furthermore, BCA also encourage all of us to wear local products and start doing local business, hoping that BCA Bangga Lokal’s merchants to grow bigger in the future and everyone can be Lokalgenik.

Aiman Aliff, Director, Directors Think Tank Indonesia, said: “It has been very exciting working on a project that has a ‘traditional’ take on Indonesian stage performance but adapting it together with the team from Flock, I think we managed to pull it off”.

Sivagamy Jeeva, Executive Producer, TANK3, said: “The VFX team co-ordinated remotely with director Aiman and the Jakarta production team to understand the fundamental components and how everything ultimately would fit together nicely. Particularly the ‘lagging’ (boomerang) with glitch effects for an object within a moving picture. After many rounds of testing on the lagging FX, we finally agreed on one movement that was seamless and conveyed the intended outcome. The beauty and tricky part in the Lagging FX was that, the boomerang FX was only created on one moving object within a scene, i.e the main talent. Nevertheless, it was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience”

“Always great to collaborate with the team at Flock on ‘cool’ projects and BCA was pretty much out there,” says Stephen Douglas, Executive Director, Directors Think Tank.


Client: BCA
Senior VP Marketing Communication: Norisa Saifuddin
Assistant VP Marketing Communication: Adrian Hermansyah
Campaign Manager: Rebecca Budianto
Campaign Manager: Edwina Kustiawan
Agency: Flock Creative Network
Creative Partner: Leonard Wiguna
Creative Group Head: Yodha Rizky
Art Director: Tezza Hilarry
Copywriter: Tiara Vibiani Putri
AV Producer: Niken Nurul, Indah Pratiwi
Account team: Allia Namira, Marini Naomi
Production Co: Directors Think Tank (Indonesia)
Director: Aiman Aliff
Producer: Tuti Arisandi
DOP: Salfero
Art Director: Hariansyah
Offline: Affandi
Post Production: TANK3
Executive Producer: Sivagamy Jeeva
VFX & Composition: Sara
3D Animation: Jin, Gan
Motion Graphics: Victor Lim
Music/Audio: Spacebar (Jakarta)

Flock Creative Network and Directors Think Tank Indonesia launch latest BCA spot Flock Creative Network and Directors Think Tank Indonesia launch latest BCA spot