Isobar India invites couples to ‘Get Naughtier’ in Skore’s latest campaign

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Isobar India invites couples to ‘Get Naughtier’ in Skore’s latest campaign

Skore, the sexual pleasure and wellness brand from TTK Healthcare, in association with Isobar India has launched this new campaign titled ‘Get Naughtier’. The campaign comprises two digital films that revolve around couples who are driven by enhancing pleasure while showcasing the range of Skore products.


The brand offers a diverse product portfolio like vibrating rings, flavoured lube variants, pheromone spray for men and pleasure gel for women, to name a few.

The insight behind the campaign was based on sales data and studies of social chatter that shows how couples are more than willing to explore intimacy and try something new. Additionally, the campaign positions itself as more than just a condom brand by showcasing the lovemaking adventures of different couples.

Isobar India invites couples to ‘Get Naughtier’ in Skore’s latest campaign

To generate buzz over multiple touchpoints cohesively, the campaign has its legs on social media, influencer marketing, digital films and OTT media. While the films explore the naughty side to normal life via situational comedy, social media is driving always-on engagement via innovative content that teases as well as makes the TG (Target Group) aware. The campaign also aims to drive up the conversational quotient further with branded content pieces in association with platforms like Alright and LBB. As a result of this synergy and partnership, the brand will seamlessly weave itself within the lives of every young couple and make them realise, what they simply cannot afford to miss out on.

Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, TTK Healthcare Ltd, said: “We have consciously tried to create content that will resonate with young people. We wanted to communicate succinctly that we are more than a condom brand, offering interesting sexual wellness and pleasure products such as vibrating rings, flavoured lube variants, pheromone activating spray for men and pleasure gel for women. In a category that’s hard to advertise, stereotyped with sleaze and one that invites moral trolling, consumers are barely aware of the diverse offerings in addition to the large range of diverse condoms we have. This campaign deals with these smartly and tries to normalise experimentation and extended playtime for couples’ sans judgement or guilt.”

Rahul Vengalil, Managing Partner, Isobar India, said: “Skore has been one of our favourite clients to partner with given the kind of portfolio they have and the kind of campaign experimentation that they are willing to do. Today, a couple’s approach to pleasure has evolved. They are looking to maximising the experience and Skore’s diverse portfolio of Pleasure products gives them diverse ways of doing so. The insight of the campaign is very interesting as is the smart way of having this conversation around pleasure.”

Aalap Desai, National Creative Director, Isobar India, said: “The category though creatively fertile, invariably invites a lot more restrictions and censor from mainline media. I am just thrilled that the client was willing to explore a digital-only eco-space to market such never-before advertised products. Not only are the media touchpoints relevant to the consumers for whom the products are meant for but also it’s one of those rare and truly integrated campaigns covering content, social media, performance, influencer marketing and OTT films via a singular narrative. In a way, the challenge thrown at us by the mainstream media only egged us to think naughtier!”



TTK Healthcare Team:

Vishal Vyas AVP Marketing, TTK Healthcare
Arjun Siva DGM – Digital Marketing & e-commerce
Sai Deepthi Brand Manager, Skore
Isobar India Team:
Heeru Dingra CEO – Isobar India group
Aalap Desai National Creative Director
Rahul Vengalil Managing Partner
Pragati Rana Senior Vice President, Strategy
Anadi Sah Executive Creative Director
Taj Ali National Films Head
Prashant Lodaya Associate Vice President
Madhura Ranade Associate Vice President, Branded Content
Rohit Mukherjee Creative Director – South
Priyanka Shah Senior Director – Media Buying
Nitish Sarkar Digital Production Head
Rumi Behramkamdin Director – Account Management
Abhinav Kumar Associate Creative Director
Ronit Deb Executive Producer
Simble Johney Group Head – Copy
Ankit Saxena Associate Director
Sagar Sakharkar Senior Media Manager
Anupam Baruah Associate Manager
Varun Sekar Manager, Brand Strategy
Mridha Anand Sr. Copywriter
Ishita Kothiyal Manager – Client Solutions
Maithili Kapileshwarkar Sr. Social Media Executive
Sunny Joshi Sr. Art Director
Khushi Goklani Sr. Designer
Bhuvan Kadyaan Designer
Take Two Production Team:
Mukesh Sehgal Director
Amol Sonawane Producer

Isobar India invites couples to ‘Get Naughtier’ in Skore’s latest campaign Isobar India invites couples to ‘Get Naughtier’ in Skore’s latest campaign