Football icon Son Heung-Min teams up with Tiger Beer for new ‘Year of the Tiger’ Chinese New Year campaign via Publicis One Team Tiger

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Football icon Son Heung-Min teams up with Tiger Beer for new ‘Year of the Tiger’ Chinese New Year campaign via Publicis One Team Tiger

Tiger Beer, the number one international premium beer in Asia, has teamed up with global football icon Son Heung-Min to ignite a movement to encourage people to set aside their fears and achieve their boldest ambitions this year. The Year of the Tiger will begin at Lunar New Year on 1st February 2022 and marks the perfect opportunity to embody the symbolic power of the Tiger and uncage your bold ambitions for the year ahead.


Son has inspired people around the world with his journey from South Korea to becoming an international football icon, who is now the highest scoring Asian player in Europe’s premier club competition. Through dreaming big and never giving up in the face of adversity, he overcame challenges with courage and determination. Son’s journey makes him the perfect partner for Tiger Beer’s mission to help people uncage their inner tiger.

Today, Son is declaring how the Year of the Tiger is inspiring him to target his boldest ambition yet – to win a major trophy for his country. After sharing a series of emojis on his Instagram feed as part of a teaser campaign, Son is now inviting his followers to share their own bold goals for the Lunar New Year in a campaign called ‘The Year of Your Tiger’.

Football icon Son Heung-Min teams up with Tiger Beer for new ‘Year of the Tiger’ Chinese New Year campaign via Publicis One Team Tiger

Sean O’Donnell, Global Brand Director, Tiger Beer, said: “Tiger Beer was born from defying the odds with a bold and courageous spirit. Brewing beer in the tropics was thought to be impossible until we did it. Son is a global icon who perfectly embodies this spirit of Tiger Beer – he is courageous, confident and unstoppable. We believe that we are all born with a Tiger inside us – a version of ourselves that knows no limits to what is possible – but few of us are able to uncage it. We are delighted to be working with Son to inspire people everywhere to use the Year of the Tiger as the catalyst to realise their true selves.”

Son Heung-Min, Official Tiger Brand Ambassador, said: “Tigers are strong in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge, they’re always bold and determined. I’ve always tried to have the courage to never give up on my dreams – even in the most difficult times. The Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for all of us to dream big and focus on uncaging our true selves. I’m delighted to partner with Tiger Beer in this movement to inspire people everywhere to own the year by embodying the spirit of the Tiger.”

To kickstart his brand ambassadorship, Son stars in ‘The Year of Your Tiger’ campaign, which launches today and was created by Publicis One Team Tiger in Singapore. Directed by The Sweet Shop’s Fausto Becatti, it will roll out in all Tiger markets starting with Asia, Oceania and Brazil. ‘The Year of Your Tiger’ kicks off a year-long creative platform led by Son: over the next 12 months, Son and a cast of influential voices across Asia Pacific will share personal stories about dreaming big and how they intend to make the Year of the Tiger their own year.

Melissa Teoh, Tiger Beer’s Global Marketing Manager, Communications and Digital, said: “Tiger Beer’s brand DNA is all about inspiring people to dream big and pursue their own path, just as Son has done. In the Year of the Tiger, we plan to go beyond simply inspiring people to pursue their passions but will also empower people to do so. We’re excited to start rolling out these programs over the coming months.”

‘The Year of Your Tiger’ campaign is now rolling out globally. Watch Son Heung-Min in Tiger Beer’s teaser campaign on Instagram, ‘My Year, My Goals’.


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Football icon Son Heung-Min teams up with Tiger Beer for new ‘Year of the Tiger’ Chinese New Year campaign via Publicis One Team Tiger Football icon Son Heung-Min teams up with Tiger Beer for new ‘Year of the Tiger’ Chinese New Year campaign via Publicis One Team Tiger