Tennis Australia launches AO’s new sonic brand via Resonance Sonic Branding

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Tennis Australia has released its new sonic identity for the Australian Open. The brand anthem and audio logo created by Resonance Sonic Branding will be used across all marketing as well as live at the tournament.


Says Britt Wickes, head of event brand marketing, Tennis Australia: “Our brief to Resonance was to help us unite our communications and create a consistent end-to-end audio experience. We love our new sonic brand. It perfectly reflects our personality and we’re excited for the world to hear it!”.

AO’s sonic branding blends epic orchestral instrumentation with tennis sounds and a distinctive crowd chant.

Says Ralph van Dijk, co-founder and creative director, Resonance: “We not only wanted to capture the excitement and positivity of the tournament, we were keen to find a way for fans to participate and ultimately initiate the chant while watching games.”

Says Ramesh Sathiah, co-founder and creative director, Resonance:“The AO anthem is a hybrid of modern production and real orchestra. Additional layers, like the signature AO chant, a 6-beat rhythmic clap and hard-court sounds taken from previous tournaments help create a very distinctive sonic experience.”

The brand anthem can be heard as patrons enter the park, in arenas before and during the play, during an interactive light show, as well as in marketing and online content such as social media clips and highlight packages.