Indonesian beauty brand Somethinc casts South Korean star Han So Hee as brand ambassador

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Indonesian beauty brand Somethinc casts South Korean star Han So Hee as brand ambassador

Grenville I Francis reports on Somethinc’s appointment of Han So Hee as brand ambassador.


Lights. Camera. Action!

So begins the collaboration between leading Indonesian skincare brand Somethinc and South Korean actress and model Han So Hee.

Scripted to take consumers by the hand and lead them on a journey to healthy skin through various activities, the plot features Han So Hee as Somethinc’s beauty guru recommending specially selected skincare and makeup products.

Led by a personal invitation by the Han So Hee, this social-media campaign creates a closeness between consumers and the actress where the brand ambassador is seen as an inspiration for people to look up to when taking care of their skin.

Highlighting Somethinc’s efforts to accompany consumers’ skincare regime, her recommendations, known as Han So Hee’s picks, features nine skincare essentials and supported by a further nine makeup products.

Items inspired by her favourite paintings, decorations and even her cat. The climax is the virtual ‘fan meet’ session that gives consumers even more access to the star.

The campaign is running on various platforms including the Somethinc Official Website, platform and the brand’s Instagram account @SomethincOfficial. As well as the company’s online and on-ground stores.

Marsela Limesa, Co-founder and President of Somethinc says the collaboration was born out of shared principles where the Han So Hee’s courage to explore roles with strong characters is in alignment with Somethinc’s brand attributes.

“We hope that Han So Hee’s positive image can inspire our consumers to achieve their dream skin,” says Limesa.

The similarity between the two parties extends to the award stage as well. Both have collected accolades and enjoyed success in their respective fields.

Han So Hee was recognised as a promising breakthrough actress by the Baeksang Arts Awards and was awarded Best New Artist at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

Somethinc has maintained its position as best-selling skincare brand in the largest e-commerce space in Indonesia since 2021, has won Local Brand of The Year by Female Daily Awards 2021 and has received four awards given by Watson Health & Beauty Awards 2021.

The company has also been awarded with the most trademark registration in countries (123) in the fastest time (38 days).