Café de Coral welcomes the return of diners in HK via dentsumcgarrybowen print campaign

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Café de Coral welcomes the return of diners in HK via dentsumcgarrybowen print campaign

As Hong Kong gradually eases its social distancing rules to allow dining-in at restaurants until 10:00pm starting from 21st April 2022, it has given a much-needed relief for the F&B businesses. Café de Coral (CDC), one of Hong Kong’s favourite fast-food conglomerate, has placed their night in-dining services on halt since January this year. Upon its reopening at night, Café de Coral decided to launch a timely campaign with dentsumcgarrybowen to welcome its customers’ return and enjoy their long-anticipated dinners with their friends and loved-ones.


The campaign announces the reopening of the evening dine-in service pulling on those deep universal truths around connection and belonging. It also serves as an authentic and light-hearted reflection on those moments of eating at parks, in the car and on the streets before the restrictions were lifted.

“We have been longing to reopen our dinner day part to all customers. Wishing to start on a positive note, we nimbly created the ad campaign with dentsumcgarrybowen as an energy booster for our Café De Coral family and the wider public,” says William Tsing, Marketing Director of Café de Coral.

Jeffry Gamble, Chief Creative Officer, dentsu international Hong Kong, said: “We wanted to announce the reopening in a way that showed empathy to our customers and also grounded in the unique fact that CDC is probably one of the most popular restaurant choices for every man and woman in Hong Kong for dinners, not just for the quality and affordable food but also for the familiarity of CDC’s safe and friendly environment.”

‘Friends’ translation (pictured left)
We miss that familiar feeling of dining together
Dine in again
See you soon!

‘Couple’ translation (pictured middle)
When was the last time we had a dinner date?
Dine in again
See you soon!

‘Workers’ translation (pictured right)
Let us take our time with dinner after a long day!
Dine in again
See you soon!

Marketing Director: William Tsing
Marketing Manager: Wing Lam
Digital Assistant Manager: Manfred Wong
Chief Creative Officer: Jeffry Gamble
Group Creative Director: Nathan Hau
Creative Director: Keith Liu
Creative Director: Ken Lo
Senior Digital Art Director: Alfred Tam
Assistant Art Director: Jenny Ho
Chinese Copywriter: Michelle Or
Head of Digital Content: Joshua Wong
Content Producer: Cynthia Tang, Ocean Wong
Business Director: Diana Tam
Senior Account Manager: Bethany Yiu
Account Executive: Shirley Shum
Digital Group Head: Vincent Ng