The Work 2022 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

ROLLiN’ / IAG: Rolls The Way You Do
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
IAG asked us to help launch a new kind of car insurance, a subscription-based model designed for a younger audience who crave ease and flexibility.

From their brand and communication brief we conceived, named and launched ROLLiN’

The campaign launched with a hero film featuring ‘Larry’, a larger than life puppet who rolls around his neighbourhood feeling good about not being tied down.

Kinetic type posters informed people that ROLLiN’ “Rolls the way you do” and across social we collaborated with a series of artists to create a more flexible and dynamic identity.

STAKE: The Takeover
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
Stake is changing the financial share trading market by creating opportunities across both the NYSE and the ASX for a new breed of investor. The client wanted an idea that could guide and differentiate their brand in the market.
Our creative idea, ‘Stake Your Claim to The Future’, was brought to life as an animated launch film called “The Takeover”.

Set against the backdrop of a 1930’s style animated world of fat cats, piggy banks and old money, our hero character delivers a call-to-arms monologue as he journeys through the subway and streets of the financial district until he breaks through to the top floor of one of the old institutions to take his seat at the boardroom table.

Wisr: For Your Smart Part
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
Australian fintech brand Wisr came to us looking for an enduring idea and platform that could set them apart from the financial category.

Our idea was to point out that although people often do dumb things, there’s a part in all of us capable of making good decisions: the ‘smart part’. “For Your Smart Part” then became the organising idea that ran through every part of Wisr’s business – shaping their product, design, online experience and broader communications.

The Work 2022 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire The Work 2022 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire The Work 2022 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire The Work 2022 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

NRMA Insurance: That one thing
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
We partnered with NRMA insurance to launch Single Item Insurance – a product that lets customers insure individual possessions, even if they don’t have an existing home and contents policy with NRMA.

Under the idea ‘That one thing’, we created a series of large format OOH boards featuring insurable things, reproduced at actual size on the poster. The scale and negative space of the placements helped emphasize the singular importance of each item.


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