Daniel Marjan elevated from intern role at electriclime to Junior Creative Director

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Daniel Marjan elevated from intern role at electriclime to Junior Creative Director

In 2021, Daniel Marjan joined electriclime° as part of the company’s internship programme. Now a Junior Creative Director, Marjan continues to play an important role behind the camera and in the editing suite on future projects with electriclime°.


The young filmmaker showed his obvious talent after winning and then directing projects for Goethe-Institut and Crazy Domains.

Following those successful films, Marjan earned himself a full-time position with the company in their Duxton Road office.

Meanwhile, Marjan has worked succinctly with the company’s other offices, travelling to Australia to assist the Sydney office in recent weeks.

Marjan said: “My role as Junior Creative Director goes beyond film directing and consists of working with Creative Director Pabz Alexander to oversee the creative side of our Singapore production – developing projects with the team from ideation to delivery.

“This can take many forms and consists of writing scripts, editing managing sessions, creating shooting schedules and breakdowns, etc.

“I strive to deliver a filmmaking style that utilises vibrant imagery that is paired with energetic editing and a cinematic tone.”

On his internship, Marjan said: “The great thing about the electriclime° internship is that you gain experience that spans across multiple areas within the filmmaking process – learning how to be flexible and adapt to what is required.

“This goes hand in hand with learning how to work with a team and I’d say this has been the most crucial thing I’ve tried to carry on onto my full-time position.”

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