Outreach Nepal’s Ujaya Shakya named on the Jury for ECI Awards 2022

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Outreach Nepal’s Ujaya Shakya named on the Jury for ECI Awards 2022

Outreach Nepal’s Founder and Managing Director, Ujaya Shakya has been named on the jury of the ECI Awards 2022. The Jury panel consist of prominent personalities from across the world.


The ECI Awards recognize people and organizations with excellent achievements in business models, products, services, technology, marketing and management, which inspired the implementation of commercial and creative industries around the world.

Shakya has been regularly invited as a jury member & speaker for advertising & brand awards across the globe. He is also a regular columnist for global publications on topics related to Nepali advertising. He has over two decades of experience in the field of strategic 360-degree communication, branding and social communication development. He is also the author of “Brandsutra”, a seminal book on Nepali advertising and communication.

The committee has also appointed him as ECI Ambassador for South East Asia.

The ECI Awards founded in 2014 was established jointly by Chinese scholars and global digital innovators from 27 countries and regions activated by an educational institute of philanthropy, academic and independent study IECIA.

Click here to view the full jury.