Gumpon Laksanajinda promoted to Ogilvy Thailand’s new Chief Creative Officer

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Gumpon Laksanajinda promoted to Ogilvy Thailand’s new Chief Creative Officer

Ogilvy Thailand has elevated Gumpon Laksanajinda to Chief Creative Officer, effective from this month. Under the new role, Laksanajinda will provide creative leadership, strengthen and diversify Ogilvy’s creative capabilities, and empower teams across all creative functions.


With an education background in Communication Art and Design, Laksanajinda pursued his career in Advertising, mainly with Ogilvy, and became Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy in 2020. A true visionary who skillfully combined creativity, data, and technology to create breakthrough communication works, Laksanajinda is the creative force behind the company’s consistent wins at Cannes Lions and other prominent awards during the past few decades. As Ogilvy was the only Thai agency ranked in the top 3 of Cannes Lions Creativity Report of the Decade, Laksanajinda has become one of the most sought-after and most respected creative experts in the industry, as he assumed 6th ranking in Campaign Brief’s Hottest and Most Awarded Creative in Thailand. His most recent work, Dutchie’s Love Your Gut, just won 2 GOLDs from this year’s London International Awards where Ogilvy Thailand scooped up the most awards for Thailand and Asia.

Laksanajinda said: “The main reason that keeps Ogilvy Thailand’s name firmly on the global creative stage is our unique culture of always anticipating and embracing change. No matter how abrupt or unpredictable the challenges are, we have always been able to overcome and rise above them. This culture has also empowered our diverse teams of creative talents to create works that transcend trends and focus more on real impact on the people, the planet, and the performance.”

“Moving forward, I will focus on enhancing our creative capabilities in 4 key areas. The first is Variety. Thanks to our comprehensive services that include Advertising, PR & Influence, Experience, Health, and Consulting, we are able to solve client’s marketing problems creatively and innovatively. Our works can be custom-made to suit various formats and platforms depending on clients’ objectives and budgets – from social media snippets, branded content, to full-scale Experience and E-Commerce. Second is Speed & Scale. We will utilize latest technologies in Creative Cloud to make our creative process seamless and our creative works scalable in order to serve clients’ increasingly dynamic needs. The third is Talent. We welcome fresh and seasoned talents from a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, and interests, as long as they are passionate about using creativity to make the big differences. The last area is Effective Impact. We are convinced that works with mere commercial results are not enough to grow and sustain brands in the long run. We will join hands with our clients to push forward projects that promote positive impact for the people and the planet on top of business performance. We will make sure our clients walk with confidence toward the future with us by their side.”

Nopadol Srikieatikajohn, Chairman of Ogilvy Thailand, said: “The deep love and understanding Gumpon has for his clients’ projects allow him to create works that are always among the industry’s best, most meticulous, most carefully crafted, and most effective – all the qualities that are conducive to success at major awards globally. His constant devotion has earned Ogilvy Thailand the status of most awarded creative agency in the country and top 5 in Asia for many consecutive years. It is about time that Gumpon uses his accumulated experiences and expertise to bring our company to a new era of success and to pass on our unique DNA to the next generation of creative talents.”