The Hoffman Agency celebrates 35 years

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The Hoffman Agency celebrates 35 years

The Hoffman Agency, with 13 offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, is 35 years old this year.


They’re not big on chest-beating or numerology. But they do think that this is a good time to reflect on where The Hoffman Agency has been and where they’re going.

Their independence and single P&L, has given them the flexibility to navigate all manner of challenges, including the pandemic. But looking back over their journey they’ve realize that there is another foundational element to success: geekiness.

Their deep understanding of technology has sometimes led their clients to call them geeks. They believe in the value of geeking out and encourage it in all their team members and clients. But their geek status is not confined to tech. They define it as passion and in-depth knowledge about a particular area. As their staff makeup is diverse, these areas are similarly wide-reaching. Put simply, “we are Geeks at Heart.”

To mark their 35th anniversary, they have formalized this identity based on the unique attributes of their people, work and culture.

Opening in Silicon Valley in 1987 with a small office and big ambitions. Now a network of 13 offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, they hit $21 million in global revenue in 2021 with PRovoke Media naming them Global Technology Agency of the Year. PRovoke Media again recognized this year as Tech Agency of the Year in APAC.

They set themselves up as a technology agency in the US before it was really a thing. They did the same in Asia-Pacific with their Singapore office in 1996, just before the region really started to take off economically.

They’ve worked consistently and enthusiastically to unearth the best stories about technology and tell them in human terms, but also to adapt according to what people and businesses need. They have transformed from a straight-up PR agency to one that delivers integrated marketing communications.

Continually evolving their services to address specific client pain points such as public affairs (Techplomacy), talent acquisition and helping non-tech companies tell tech-led stories.

As they evolve, one thing will never change: their focus on the story as the core of everything they do. They have always said that the story is always there. “Geekiness helps us find it — and we expect it to do so for many decades to come.”

The Hoffman Agency celebrates 35 years