Think Tank Nusantara takes out the Production House of the Year prize at Citra Pariwara 2022

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Think Tank Nusantara takes out the Production House of the Year prize at Citra Pariwara 2022

Think Tank Nusantara wins Craft Production House of the year with a slew of award wins at The 35th Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival that was held in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort, Bali on the 14th-16th of December 2022.


Indonesia’s Citra Pariwara is fast becoming one of the region’s prestigious events that recognises the best and brightest in the Indonesian Advertising industry. With 5 judging panels covering Creative, Media, Digital, Film Craft, Audio Craft, Visual Craft, and the ‘Daun Muda’ category to support and promote new rising talent, and acclaimed Jury members from around region and beyond – including New York, Japan, Middle-East, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore – the 35th Citra Pariwara is a testament to the growth and resiliency of the Indonesian Advertising industry.

Set against sun-swept beaches (and the occasional scattered shower), Citra Pariwara 2022 was held for the first time outside of Jakarta. A wonderfully put-together event held over three days, with seminars, talks, mentorships, and two nights of awards – with 2102 entries in total – this was Citra Pariwara’s most significant event yet, with a 20%+ increase from last year’s entries. The Festival served as an excellent way for Indonesia’s creatives and ad-industry luminaries to reconnect personally after a two-year hiatus due to pandemic restrictions.

Reza Fitriano, President of Citra Pariwara, said: “This was a hotly contested awards festival, and we are delighted with all the entries and participants. This kind of competition can only push the Indonesian advertising industry further, and we are proud of honouring all the work done in the last year. It was really wonderful seeing friends and peers alike enjoying themselves and taking the time to recognise the work coming out of Indonesia.”

“With many Production House entries this year, my hope for the following year is to involve the Production Houses at an even greater level of participation, so that Citra Pariwara can truly be the Indonesian platform to nurture young talent, – whether they are ad agency or Production Houses talent alike – and really show off the best creative work that Indonesia has to offer.”

Under these exceptional circumstances, Think Tank Nusantara was named Craft Production House of the Year.

The team at Think Tank Nusantara has worked tirelessly to create innovative and effective campaigns for their clients, and their hard work paid off when they were announced winners.

“We are thrilled to have won this award and be recognised by our peers in the industry,” said Intan Sham, General Manager and Executive Producer of Think Tank Nusantara. The new moniker is a recent rebranding of Think Tank Indonesia.

“We have a new young talented team, and this award is a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft. We are honoured to be a part of this amazing industry and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of production creativity and innovation in the years to come and contribute to the already high standards that Indonesia produces,” she continued.

The rebrand comes with a renewed commitment to providing the best value to clients and agencies but always with an Indonesian- first mentality. The 11 awards under the Film Craft and Film Category brought home will motivate and inspire the team further.

“Just like Citra Pariwara’s tagline this year, hopefully, we can contribute more ‘Awesomeness’ to the industry in the future!” Intan added.

Think Tank Nusantara is a sister company to Directors Think Tank, an award-winning production company with offices across South-East Asia under the Directors Think Tank Group.

Key wins include Biskuat ‘Dreamers’, helmed by Directors Think Tank’s founder and film director, Rajay Singh, and young rising star director, Zhafran. ‘Dreamers’ picked up the Grand Prix for Film and multiple awards for Art Direction, Visual Effects, Cinematography and Editing. Other work included McDonald’s ‘Moments Last Longer’ and campaigns for Jenius and Carsome.

Think Tank Nusantara takes out the Production House of the Year prize at Citra Pariwara 2022

Rajay Singh, founder, film director and Regional CEO of the Directors Think Tank group of companies – who also served as Craft Jury President – said: “I have always been a big fan of Indonesian work. I think the level of creativity and artistry in Indonesia is already very high, but every year, it gets even better and better. To have our work included among the award-winners is a tremendous honour. I hope this win will help elevate and motivate the standard of Craft for next year.

Maurice Noone, co-founder and joint CEO of Directors Think Tank, said: “Directors Think Tank is not only about the work. It’s also about investing in the industry we’re in. It has always been in Directors Think Tank DNA to grow young local talent and give them the tools and equipment for all our directors to realise their vision and to help clients with exciting new creative options. With our new young directors and team and with the things we are working on, we hope we can do our bit for local directors in the industry to have a sandbox to play in and grow.”

The list of awards are as follows:

Biskuat ‘Dreams’
Grand Prix – Film
Gold- Film, Candy and Snack Category (Agency)
Silver – Art Directing / Production Design
Silver – Visual Effect
Bronze- Cinematography
Bronze – Editing

McDonalds Moments Last Longer
Gold – Direction
Bronze – Cinematography
Bronze – Editing

Jenius Connect
Silver – Art Directing / Production Design

Bronze: Art Directing / Production Design

Think Tank Nusantara takes out the Production House of the Year prize at Citra Pariwara 2022 Think Tank Nusantara takes out the Production House of the Year prize at Citra Pariwara 2022