Sentosa Development Corporation unveils new brand campaign and tagline via GOVT Singapore

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Sentosa Development Corporation unveils new brand campaign and tagline via GOVT Singapore

As part of Sentosa’s brand refresh, Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) has launched its latest brand campaign and unveiled a new tagline: ‘Where discovery never ends’. The brand refresh is a collaborative effort between GOVT, Universal McCann, Zeno Group, Section Digital and Oliver Marketing.


The new campaign presents a significant shift from the island’s previous positioning as a ‘State of Fun’, to an experiential branding where seemingly endless fulfilling experiences are discovered and made.

Creatively led by GOVT, the new campaign refreshes the beloved island’s brand image with a new logo, a 70- second commercial spot (with 15- and 30-second cut-downs), key visuals, along with a vibrant motif designed in partnership with homegrown Singaporean illustrator Tiffany Lovage. Each element in the motif represents the key themes of discovery the island offers; from the celebration of the botany that Sentosa boasts, the celebration of people and the bonds created, to Sentosa’s commitment to a sustainable future. All of which aims to heighten the emotional connection between the island, Singaporeans, and foreign guests as they enjoy the rejuvenating offerings of the island.

The new brand tagline ‘Where discovery never ends’ draws inspiration from the island’s many unexpected sights, sounds, and experiences at every turn. It’s a reflection of how every visit brings about a sense of newness and wonder. And more importantly, how every visit to Sentosa can become a transformative experience that delivers positive change – so people discover new things about themselves and their loved ones.

In addition to the tagline, Sentosa’s logo has been redesigned to bring out the promise of making fulfilling moments on the island. The logo’s tranquil sunrise reflects the array of emotions from the experiences on the island from sunup to sun down. The radiant Sentosa orange exudes a burst of energy and life – a representation of how one feels after a refreshing experience on the island.

Sentosa Development Corporation unveils new brand campaign and tagline via GOVT Singapore

Thien Kwee Eng, Chief Executive Officer, SDC, said: “Singaporeans and the travellers of the future are both discerning and seeking out high quality leisure experiences that enable them to connect with each other and discover more about themselves. Sentosa is well positioned to meet this need, as the natural island environment inspires SDC to continue to curate new experiences that empower our guests to forge new connections and foster deeper relationships with each other. We hope that more leisure seekers and international travellers will come and experience the many facets of the island and discover a new side of themselves.”

“By refocusing the Sentosa brand to highlight the sense of awe and inspiration that comes with each discovery, we hope that out guests will be able to explore and feel refreshed with every visit. The refreshed brand brims with energy and positivity, as we look ahead to welcome more guests to discover more of Sentosa and themselves,” said Mira Bharin, Divisional Director (Marketing & Guest Experience), SDC.

The campaign roll-out is spearheaded by a 70-second commercial titled “A Deep Dive into Discovery”. Featuring the many lesser-known gems of Sentosa, the brand film takes viewers on a journey of surprising discoveries at every turn. A visual treat from end to end, achieved with the help of clever, nifty transitions that allow viewers to venture seamlessly from one discovery to the next. A series of Easter eggs drawn from the island’s experiences and offerings are hidden in the film too. Viewers will be invited to spot them over the course of the campaign for added fun and engagement.

“The psyche and mindset of our audiences have grown over the years. Visiting a place and ticking it off the list is not enough. Instead there is the expectation to create experiences that are fulfilling and meaningful. Sentosa, too has evolved, bringing to life an array of activities that allow our visitors to enjoy different experiences, every time they visit this island.” says Alvina Seah, Managing Director of GOVT.

The brand campaign also includes ‘Stories of Discovery’, a social content series that takes viewers on a journey into fascinating lives of island staff, hobbyists, and even its residents.

The brand campaign is the start of many brand initiatives to come as the island invites our guests to discover the many experiences the island has to offer.


Photo credit: Sentosa Development Corporation.

Sentosa Development Corporation unveils new brand campaign and tagline via GOVT Singapore Sentosa Development Corporation unveils new brand campaign and tagline via GOVT Singapore