EFGH launches weekly Under The Money Plant for JJ Tax show talking all things money

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EFGH launches weekly Under The Money Plant for JJ Tax show talking all things money

Brands these days use all kinds of content to tell their story and engage with their customers. Talk shows are not new in that sense. What’s probably new in “Under The Money Plant” is that the agency behind the new podcast series is also in front of the camera. The show features EFGH’s founder Emmanuel Upputuru talking with their client JJTax’s founder Jambukeswaran Jambukeswaran.


‘Under the Money Plant’ podcast is yet another interesting creation from EFGH Brand Innovations, which helps in simplifying the finance industry for people who have very little knowledge of it. The show claims it will discuss financial issues that are relatable to the average follower.

In its first episode called “Rules: CA versus CD” the two founders debate how the tax consulting firm helps people follow the rules and how creative directors live to break rules to earn their income.


EFGH launches weekly Under The Money Plant for JJ Tax show talking all things money

From the look of the teasers and the first episode the show promises to be a tongue-in-cheek yet informative session where the two heavyweights didn’t hold anything back. When we spoke to CA Jambukesarwan, Founder and Director JJ Tax about the new podcast, this is what he had to say, “Emmanuel has a big influence within the advertising industry and we wanted to leverage that. Through this podcast series we would like to reach both individuals and also the companies. Emmanuel comes across as a genuine person with common issues that people in the industry face. I didn’t know I could do this, but he made it look easy.”

Emmanuel is really thrilled about this new podcast series and this is what he had to say, “The idea of the show started out casually and then one day we were sitting in front of the camera. It was fun, we didn’t write any script. And guess what, the episode was shot in one take. I wanted to keep it as organic as possible. It was fun to partner with Jambu and do this. We don’t how many episodes we will do. We already have shot two, planning one around the budget. Let’s see how they are received.”

EFGH Brand Innovations started last year has been producing some cool work for clients like Giving Tuesday, McCain Foods, JJ Tax, DCM and a few in the pipeline.

JJ Tax is a One Stop Solution that helps customers with their Filing Tax Returns, GST Returns, TDS Filing, Accounting, StartUp Services and a bunch of Compliances.