Heckler launches new website and larger team centric philosophy

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Heckler launches new website and larger team centric philosophy

There were a couple of years that we dare not speak of where it felt like very little was happening. Then came the rush; everything was happening at once. Heckler came out of this period with two new studios – Heckler Singapore & Heckler Sound – and with this came the need for a new website.


The launch this week of the new Heckler.tv platform sees the organisation shift digital gears moving into their second decade. Phase one of a much larger digital transformation, the site shines the light not only on the breadth and depth of their content but also the teams and talent that make it all possible.

The sheer volume of content coming out of the studios such as Heckler often presents an interesting brand challenge. How do production houses feature so many other brands while bringing through their own brand and the personality of the teams that are the organisation? Heckler took their opportunities when they presented throughout design. The platform has the UI and UX of a design studio but the underlying architecture of a major publisher.

Will Alexander, Founding Partner and Executive Producer, said: “It is important to communicate that people come to Heckler as much for our team’s experience at the desk as their life experience. Our individuals are a huge asset. Our main asset. Diverse experiences and perspectives are invaluable when solving challenges. You need people who understand the problem, who have experienced the problem, to solve the problem. Shining the light on the talent and the teams that make all this possible was every bit as important as showcasing the work.”

Bonnie Law, Executive Producer at Heckler Sound, said: “attracting future talent was also a huge focus throughout the project. We are always on the hunt for fresh artists and composers. At Heckler Sound we have a long-term view on ensuring we continue to attract the best of the best, and emerging generations are looking for organisations / collaborators who can best leverage their skills”.

“For Heckler Singapore it was important that the site convey the scale of the Asia studio,” says Singapore’s Executive Producer Charu Menon. “We have undergone rapid growth since launching in 2019 with just two producers, to a studio now equal in size to Heckler Australia. Building a portfolio this expansive and technical in 3 years has been a real achievement. Having a site that allows heckler.tv/singapore to present our region specific content and talent is a source of pride for us.

The new digital strategy and platform is the work of Nonfiction Studios. Creative Director Dean Stagg, says: “Building a platform of this scale is a nuanced project. We had to simultaneously demonstrate capability to clients while also showcasing expansive thinking to directors. While these may initially feel like the same thing, the former want to see that you have projects similar to theirs and the specific skills to deliver to the brief. The latter are looking for partners to share their expansive vision, to push the boat out into unchartered territories. We had to talk to both audiences equally. A balance between ability and creativity.”

Heckler has just been named #1 Production House Australia and APAC in the Immortal Awards.