Propel Manila unpacks how AI transforms our way of learning and communicating

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Propel Manila unpacks how AI transforms our way of learning and communicating

#PropelReactsTo ChatGPT – Propel Manila dives into the world of cutting-edge AI and shares their thoughts on one of the hottest innovations in AI: ChatGPT.


OpenAI’s ChatGPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) blends AI technology, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create human-like conversations.

Propel Manila said: “This is also how innovation is blended in our system; we explore the latest trends and ideas that can transform business, culture, and work.”

“We are so curious about how ChatGPT is going to revolutionize our ways of creating,” says Creative Chief Raymund Sison. “In an industry where creativity and innovation matters, we are always on the lookout for new tech and trends that could help us tell more stories that matter, and I feel ChatGPT is an important tool that can help us a lot. While it will never replace the magic of the human heart to tell highly-nuanced and multi-layered stories, the power of ChatGPT and the vast potential of Ai cannot be denied. I am excited how creatives will add magic to what ChatGPT can do!”

Here are some points on ChatGPT underscored by Data Analyst Ros Lantin and Associate Creative Director JL Gutierrez:

A “Smarter-Google” is how Ros described his early experience with ChatGPT. “I was a skeptic at first, but with Valuetainment’s demo on its capabilities, I instantly tried it. Before I get to analyze data, I need to read a lot of it. While there is no substitute for a comprehensive read, ChatGPT helps me create an executive summary of data points. This cuts my time so I could go straight to the analytical side of the job. It’s instances like this where I see the harmony between man and machine.”

For JL, the power of knowledge and creativity is limitless and AI continues to provide tools to augment. “Writing involves a lot of researching and reading but ChatGPT easily simplifies this overwhelming information, making it digestible for me,” says JL.

When looking for new words or perspectives to complement his writing, ChatGPT will suggest options like how Thesaurus does–giving an alternative inspiration from tone to choices of words. “As a creative, imagine overlaying your own writing to different tones if you need variation on cascades. It definitely helps with the more routine side of creation, so you can focus on the human side of creativity,” he adds.

When asked on how this impacts the creative industry, or bluntly: will it kill creative jobs, Propel Manila co-founder and CEO JC Valenzuela states “Life, like our jobs, is forward-moving. As students of the world who are not afraid of learning, ChatGPT will replace the more mechanical side of our jobs, and will never replace human talent and its power to create ideas that matter. ChatGPT will complement our roles as we upskill. Some tasks will be automated, and we would and should also have evolved to discover new roles that our creativity can champion. While the future is uncertain, this is what we want to bet on”.

Still in its early stages, ChatGPT’s risks and benefits are still up in the air. Propel looks at it as a partner i.e., something we can influence to augment our lives, rather than replacing it.

‘#PropelReactsTo’ is a blog series by Propel Manila featuring views and opinions of its curious talents on the latest technologies and innovations of the future.