Ogilvy Singapore & Cadbury initiative encourages generosity in a place least expected: E-commerce

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Ogilvy Singapore & Cadbury initiative encourages generosity in a place least expected: E-commerce

News of the Türkiye-Syria earthquakes has sent ripples across the world, with members from the international community doing everything they can to help through donation drives and fundraising initiatives. To help raise funding for the Singapore Red Cross, Ogilvy Singapore and Mondelez have launched the ‘Broken Bars’ initiative.


However, more donations are required as aftershocks continue to hit the region, with the death toll reaching close to 50,000, and leaving at least 2.5 million to be assisted. Although corporate and organisational fundraising efforts are in full swing, more can be done at the individual level to further amplify support for the earthquake relief effort.

Cadbury has always believed that there is generosity in everyone and has created an opportunity to engage those who usually buy for themselves. By making Broken Bars available to shoppers online, they are providing an additional stream where donations can be collected. The bars are available for purchase on the e-commerce platform Lazada, and aim to engage online shoppers and encourage them to make donations, all while providing them with a simple means to make a difference.

Upon checkout, they will not receive a physical bar, but the brand will match-fund the prices paid, and double the total contribution with all proceeds going to The Singapore Red Cross towards the Türkiye-Syria earthquake relief effort.

“We would like to thanks Mondelez and Ogilvy Singapore for their support towards our humanitarian response in Türkiye and Syria, to bring hope and help to communities affected by the earthquake,” said Eileen Cher, Assistant Secretary General (Corporate), Singapore Red Cross.

Nikhil Rao, VP Marketing, Mondelez International said: “With Broken bars, we hope that our small acts of generosity add up to something meaningful, and are able to make a difference to those in need.”

“Leaning on Cadbury’s belief that people are innately generous, we tapped into the moment when people seek instant gratification and pleasure – shopping online, and turned it into an opportunity for them to make a small sacrifice and give to those who need generosity the most” said Nicolas Courant, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Singapore.

Starting from March 13 2023, you can check out the broken bars here and support the earthquake relief efforts in Türkiye and Syria.