GIGIL’s recent film encouraged TNT customers in the Philippines to register their SIM cards

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GIGIL’s recent film encouraged TNT customers in the Philippines to register their SIM cards

GIGIL Philippines has created this film titled, ‘Mother’, dramatizing the importance of registering your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, to avoid losing your number and being forced to get a new one, which will be unrecognised by your loved ones.


There are 169M cellphone subscribers in the Philippines, and most of them have unregistered SIM cards.

Unregistered SIM cards can be used by criminals to scam, smish, and commit other forms of mobile fraud, because with them, crooks can act anonymously and avoid detection.

That’s why the Philippine government passed a law requiring all SIMs to be registered before April 26, 2023. All SIMs unregistered by April 26 have been deactivated.

The biggest problem was that as of March 2023 only 29% of all 169M SIMs had been registered.

The objective was to come up with a campaign to drive more people to register their TNT telco SIMs. This way, more people observe the law, and TNT telco is able to preserve its number of subscribers (and not lose them to deactivation).

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More importantly, in just 10 days, the campaign has driven 6,898,546 TNT telco subscribers to register their SIMS.

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Agency: GIGIL Philippines
Creative Partner: Badong Abesamis
Creative Partner: Herbert Hernandez
Managing Partner: Jake Yrastorza
Account Director: Abi Reyes
Account Director: Inna Tupaz
Account Executive: Kitkat Galvez
Creative Director: Dionie Tañada
Art Director: Seph Asenista
Art Director: Erin Altares
Copywriter: Mond Angat
Copywriter: Ces Alegre
Senior Strategic Planner: Nanais Hernandez
Junior Strategic Planner: Fritz Dalawampu
Media Head: Margie Husmalaga
PR Head: Grace Leyco
Production: Arcade Film Factory
Director: Marius Talampas
Producer: Sasa Pascual
Line Producer: Mara Bernaldo