Publicis Groupe Singapore adopts Simba the lion

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Publicis Groupe Singapore adopts Simba the lion

Publicis Groupe Singapore is delighted to announce that they have a new member on the team, with the symbolic adoption of Simba, a two-and-a-half-year-old African Lion, at the Singapore Zoo.


Adopting Simba is another step in the agency’s journey to champion conservation and sustainability. From forming the Space, Sustainability, Cohesion and Wellness community in 2020, to achieving the Singapore Environment Council’s Eco-Office certifications for its office spaces across 2021 and 2022, the team at Publicis Groupe Singapore have constantly looked to make meaningful and relevant local contributions to the conservation and sustainability movement.

The choice to adopt a lion was, of course, of special importance. The lion is a key part of Publicis Groupe’s visual identity, with the head of a majestic lion being a part of the Publicis Groupe Logo. So, when the time came to think about how the team could play a role in wildlife conservation, adopting Simba felt like a natural fit.

During the adoption ceremony at the Singapore Zoo, Publicis Groupe Singapore was presented with a certificate of adoption and unveiled a commemorative plaque. The leadership team were also joined by employees and their families who were part of the adoption ceremony. They were also treated to an interactive session with Simba’s keeper, who shared insights into the lion’s birth, personality, and dedication required to care for him.

Publicis Groupe Singapore adopts Simba the lion

Following the adoption ceremony, Publicis Groupe Singapore will offer employees more opportunities to visit Singapore Zoo and learn about Simba and other animals that call the wildlife park home. The intent is that this also becomes a meaningful way for its employees and families to gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of wildlife conservation and a sense of pride in being part of a company that values conservation.

“Our adoption of Simba reflects our shared responsibility to protect the planet’s precious resources and understand the importance of wildlife conservation,” said Amrita Randhawa, CEO of Publicis Groupe Singapore & Southeast Asia. “We are proud to support Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts and honoured to be part of Simba’s future – he already feels like a part of the team!”

Publicis Groupe Singapore adopts Simba the lion

Simba is the first lion cub in Singapore conceived via assisted reproduction at the Mandai Wildlife Group’s Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre. As the only offspring of his father, Mufasa, Simba plays an important role in contributing to the genetic diversity and sustainability of African Lion populations in zoological institutions. Publicis Groupe Singapore’s adoption boosts ongoing efforts to ensure Simba’s health and well-being.

This adoption represents an essential milestone for Publicis Groupe Singapore’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and wildlife conservation. The company is proud to have played a role in protecting and conserving endangered species through the adoption of Simba and will continue to support such initiatives.

Pictured top L-R: Ian Loon (CEO, Publicis Groupe, Media & Digital – Singapore), Amrita Randhawa (CEO, Publicis Groupe, Singapore & Southeast Asia), and Joanne Theseira (CEO, Publicis Communications, Singapore).