Raya celebrations continue with Tune Protect

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Raya celebrations continue with Tune Protect

The festival of Hari Raya is celebrated among family and friends, it is also a time when Malaysia experiences an increase in the number of vehicles on the road as families travel to be together.


With numbers expected to reach over two million a day according to the Malaysia Highway Authority, Tune Protect and TBWA\Malaysia have launched a Raya campaign capturing the excitement of the season while reminding travellers the importance of being protected by motor insurance.

Hui Tsin Yee, chief executive officer, TBWA\Malaysia, said: “As digital insurance becomes increasingly popular amongst the zillenials, Tune Protect’s Raya campaign affectionately captures the excitement and cheerful buzz in anticipation of family and friends coming together, positioning the brand as a favourite amongst this generation.”

Motor insurance contributes to approximately 40% of Tune Protect’s digital business, and the brand is optimistic these numbers will continue to grow year on year.

Tune Protect’s Mascot, a pally, affectionate thumb named T.P. remains central to the communications as a symbol of ease to access the digital ‘Motor Easy’ Insurance package. Throughout this recent execution, T.P. adds his own local twist to the traditional greeting of Selamat Hari Raya to express Selamat Cover Raya – a nod to the Tudung Saji, a practical, yet central item used to cover and protect food in every Malay household.

Raya celebrations continue with Tune Protect

Fazlee Sabbaruddin, deputy executive creative director, TBWA\Malaysia, said: “An essential connector for all Malaysians, especially throughout the Hari Raya festival is food, during large extended gatherings, food is always covered and protected by an everyday household item, the tudung saji. In the context of the campaign by playfully swapping words, T.P.’s intent is to reinforce the importance of insurance cover to protect everyone as they make their journey this Hari Raya.

“Leveraging this emotion, while balancing the significance of being protected by insurance, our messaging broke the conventional standard insurance message with local allegory and vibrant quirky visuals.”

Examples which include: “Whether you are driving back to kampung, rushing during berbuka traffic, or you bersemangat with last minute Raya errands… Everything will be safe and selamat when your Raya is fully covered with Motor Easy insurance.”

Rohit Nambiar, group chief executive officer, Tune Protect, said: “The month-long festive campaign is part of our ongoing efforts to educate and create awareness on the importance of road safety, and having the right insurance protection in the journeys back to their loved ones. Sending that message in a fun and quirky way through the campaign ties back to what we stand for as a brand and in tune with the joyous Hari Raya celebration.”


Agency: TBWA Kuala Lumpur
Chief Executive Officer: Yee Hui Tsin
Chief Creative Officer: Yee Wai Khuen
Deputy ECD: Fazlee Sabbaruddin
Art Director: Fadhil Samah
Graphic Designer: Nik Hazirah, Siti Khairunnisa Chan
Copywriter: Zulika Shaharom
Executive Producer: Nisha Khirudin
Senior Brand Director: Jerry Lim
Account Executive : Kimberly Teo
Strategy Director: Nazirah Ashari
Brand Strategist: Vhinasyhah Gopal
Production: a Reservoir Production
Director: Ismail Kamarul, Ashraff Mohktar
EP: Chow Chun Son
Client: Tune Protect Group
Janet Chin Yoke Heng: Chief Partnership & eCommerce Officer
Esther Chew Lay Kuan: Head, Branding, Communications & Corporate Good
Wan Hafiz Bin Wan Ahmad: Assistant Manager, Regional Branding
Tiffany Lew Xiao Wei, Branding & Content Associate

Raya celebrations continue with Tune Protect Raya celebrations continue with Tune Protect