Otrivin Breathe Clean and GREY Group India introduce India’s first pollution superhero

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Otrivin Breathe Clean and GREY Group India introduce India’s first pollution superhero

Otrivin Breathe Clean and GREY Group India decided to combat air pollution last year by launching the superhero Aerowin at Comic-Con, India’s biggest celebration of pop culture held in Delhi.


Air pollution negatively impacts children worldwide. It adversely affects our children’s learning, health, and overall well-being, and they are particularly vulnerable since they have smaller bodies and a faster breathing rate than adults resulting in greater air-pollutant intake. While children may contribute the least to pollution, they suffer the most.

This year, Aerowin debuted in Tinkle, India’s most popular children’s magazine. Aerowin helped the kids in the story to fight the sources of pollution. Aerowin also gave them the proper guidance to advise adults on how they, too, can help eliminate air pollution.

But Aerowin didn’t just stop there – she came to life and visited schools to meet with children. She conducted interactive conversations to guide children on how they can influence adults in their life to do their part against pollution. Like, carpooling to work, planting a tree, checking pollution rates regularly, and not burning garbage. Aerowin even empowered kids to form local clubs to help ensure adults were doing their part!

Bineet Jain, Pain & Respiratory Lead – Area Marketing ISC, Haleon, says: “Otrivin’s Actions to Breathe Cleaner initiative aims to reduce the health impact of air pollution by providing easy-to-adopt actions that enable people to take control. The Pollution Superhero is one such part of the initiative to raise awareness and bring about impactful change.”

Vivek Bhambhani, Sr. Executive Creative Director, Grey Group, says: “Kids are the future, and it’s unfair that they have to suffer because of us. This Idea of Aerowin is designed to help kids realize that and educate and empower them on the right ways to stop pollution around them.”