4As extends professional development offerings with new ‘4As Consumer Insights Workshop’

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4As extends professional development offerings with new ‘4As Consumer Insights Workshop’

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) has announced ‘4As Consumer Insights Workshop’, a one-day masterclass about insight training to be held on Friday 16 June, conducted by Paul Arnold – an IPA UK endorsed trainer.


The workshop is a 4As Malaysia initiative with the goal of raising industry standards and fostering continuous professional development for Agency talent.

4As CEO, Khairudin Rahim, said: “4As Consumer Insights Workshop is intended to provide Account Planners, Account Managers, and any Creatives with key skills in three areas – Understanding insights to a deeper level than others in the industry; Learning how to uncover, hone, and write more compelling insights that will catapult brand relevancy; Understanding what not an insight is and why data is not insight.

“If marketing is about meeting customer needs profitably, then insight is the key tool that drives marketing. Products deliver functional needs. Brands also deliver emotional needs. The very best marketers and marketing companies invest in trying to understand their customers better than their competition. If you can uncover and tap into an enduring insight, you have created a sustainable brand. Thus, insight is the backbone of all marketing.”

Paul Arnold will lead the workshop and brings his extensive experience in Account Management and Planning for Saatchi’s and Grey over 30 years, working across a large range of international brands, and winning five EuroEffies for Campaign Effectiveness. Arnold is also a trained Psychologist, with an MBA, an MSc in Organisational Change, as well as being a certified coach.

Rahim said: “Once again, the 4As is striving to provide our industry professionals with access to leading edge, bespoke and highly relevant training that’s not available anywhere else.

“Additionally, we have sought out people like Paul Arnold and other IPA (UK) certified trainers who are the ‘cream of the crop’ to conduct this training, with the goal of raising the standard of competency across the industry.”