The Work 2023 Contenders: VMLY&R Australia

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Honest Eggs: FitChix
VMLY&R Australia
The egg industry is one of the most misleading food industries in the world. On the supermarket shelf most eggs are labelled ‘Free Range’. But despite this wholesome name, ‘Free Range’ farms can legally have up to 10,000 chickens per hectare. At Honest Eggs Co., we only have 30 chickens per hectare. That’s why it was up to us to change the industry. Introducing, FitChix. Using hen-friendly materials we developed the world’s first step counter for a chicken. This device counts the steps of our chickens so we can print the average daily step counts directly onto our eggs.

Monash University: The Endangered Generation
VMLY&R Australia
Today, 40,000 species are classified as endangered. To make the list, just one of four categories need to be at risk: health, habitat, freedom, rights. The only species to meet all 4 criteria? Human beings. To highlight how urgent our survival is, we redefined the future of humanity. Monash University introduces: The Endangered Generation. We found the first baby, born on 1/1/2020 and listed them as endangered. The campaign included a feature-length documentary, narrated by Oscar-winner Laura Dern and rallied students to join Monash to help change the 4 categories that put humanity at risk.

Colgate: Hear Gear
VMLY&R Australia
1 in 6 Aussies suffer from hearing loss, meaning they miss out on participating in team sports. As a major sponsor of the AFL, Colgate partnered with Steeden to develop ‘Hear Gear’, a game-changing protective headgear. Traditional headgear is designed to sit flush to protect the wearer. They absorb impact, but in a Deaf athlete’s case, it also absorbs vibrations that carry sound to the hearing implant. Hear Gear uses a new mould, with contoured padding that both accommodates and channels sound to the hearing implant, giving Deaf athletes an opportunity to play the game on an even playing field.

Defence Force Recruiting: Live a Story Worth Telling
VMLY&R Australia
The generation currently entering the workforce has a different outlook on employment. While they want the benefits usually associated with a career, they’re greatly motivated by a clear sense of purpose and contribution. So, to recruit for the Royal Australian Navy we had the unique mission of showing just how diverse and extraordinary life as a Navy sailor can be. And so ‘Live a Story Worth Telling’ was born. It’s an epic saga that not only features grand adventure and epic Navy vessels, but crucially dials into the small human moments you’ll only experience if you live the story yourself.

Melanoma Patients Australia: Sunny Death Metal
VMLY&R Australia
There are too many love songs about the sun. ‘Sunshine of your love’, ‘Walking on sunshine’ even, ‘You are my sunshine’. These filthy songs are lies. The sun is a fiery ball of death raining cancer down on you and your children. It causes 17,000 cases of deadly melanoma every year, resulting in 1,300 deaths. So to get young people to get their skin checked and wear more sunscreen, we created a different kind of song: The World’s First Honest Song about the Sun! Partnering with Australia’s best death metal studio, ‘Sunny Death Metal’ premiered on JJJ in 2023.

Kindness Factory: Public Kindness Announcements
VMLY&R Australia
We’re all guilty of being unkind sometimes. Whether it’s when you’ve reached your peak at peak hour, being a less than consummate host, or hiding behind anonymity online. We took these relatable moments and crafted Public Kindness Announcements, for the Kindness Factory (a not-for-profit charity with a single mission — to change the world one kind act at a time) Over 50 individual pieces of hyper contextual, encouraged irreverently kind behaviour across print, OOH, radio and social, ads were served when and where people needed a reminder to be a bit kinder.


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