The Work 2023 Contenders: The Monkeys

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

The Government of Tuvalu – The First Digital Nation
The Monkeys Australia, part of Accenture Song
What happens to a country without land?

Rising sea levels caused by climate change are predicted to submerge Tuvalu in a matter of decades. If that happens, Tuvalu will lose everything – including, according to international law, their legal status as a country.
At COP27, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Tuvalu announced its radical plan for survival: it will become the world’s First Digital Nation.

By recreating their home virtually, Tuvalu can preserve their history and culture, and ensure their essential government services can continue to function. More than that, though, becoming a digital nation gives Tuvalu a pathway to protecting its legal statehood, and its voice on the world stage. Tuvalu’s historic fight for digital sovereignty earned headlines around the world, reaching 2.1 billion people without a dollar spent on media. That global attention kickstarted Tuvalu’s fight for digital sovereignty, and already, nine other countries have agreed to legally recognize Tuvalu’s permanent status as a nation.

Meat & Livestock Australia: Un-Australia
The Monkeys Australia, part of Accenture Song
At a time when Australians are struggling to define what it means to be Australian, ironically, many find it easier to define the opposite – what it means to be ‘Un-Australian’. So much so that the term has become overused, and weaponised to the point of ridiculousness.

To bring Australians together once again, MLA’s summer campaign challenges the overuse of the term, by celebrating our collective ‘Un-Australian-ness’ in all its myriad expressions. Taking the power away from a divisive word and uniting the country around a renewed identity.

Macpac: Weather Anything
The Monkeys Australia, part of Accenture Song
Macpac is New Zealand’s original outdoor gear manufacturer, making tough, high quality outdoor gear since 1973. The brand is well known in New Zealand, but relatively unknown in Australia, where it has a number of well-established competitors.

Our campaign chose to highlight two things about Macpac: the quality and durability of the gear, and the brand’s Kiwi heritage (which comes with in-built outdoors credibility). To do that, we created a simple product demonstration, delivered through the deadpan humour New Zealand is famous for.

The Uluru Dialogue: History is Calling
The Monkeys Australia, part of Accenture Song
Our Indigenous peoples have inhabited this country for over 60,000 years, yet they still don’t have a constitutionally recognized say on matters that affect them. Australia is one of the few developed nations not to have recognised their First Nations people in the constitution. We partnered with the Uluru Dialogue to create a powerful campaign for change: History is Calling. The integrated campaign called on Australians to vote for a Voice to Parliament in the upcoming referendum, recognising First Nations people and changing the course of Australian history – for the better.

UN Women Australia: Equality: Our Final Frontier
The Monkeys Australia, part of Accenture Song
Global gender equality is still 132 years away. Which means humans will walk on Mars, have brain enhancements, elevators to space, and a colony on the Moon all before women are equal on Earth. We questioned the world’s priorities by contrasting real projections of scientific and technological advancements with the projected date of global gender equality.

An eerie animated film follows a young woman as she leaves a protest in 2022 and travels through a future that progresses in every area except equality. The film campaign was adopted by UN Women globally and translated for 9 other markets. Provocative sci-fi inspired OOH contrasted single milestones against equality. While on TikTok, we hijacked an international quizmaster’s TikTok to outrage his followers with a quiz about their future.


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