The Work 2023 Contenders: We Are Social

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Samsung Global: Feeling Sound
We Are Social
We Are Social needed to convince audiences of the supreme listening experience offered by the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds.

But how do you communicate their Hi-Fi quality in an environment where the majority of audiences consume content with entry-level audio equipment? The answer lay in turning to the people who know the importance of quality Hi-Fi — music producers and studio engineers, Grammy-winning music experts who have shaped the global music scene over the past 25 years: Gen Z production wunderkind Jay Versace; mastering master Chris Gehringer; and veteran sound engineer Tony Maserati.

Through a series of interviews filmed in New York, they revealed their unique approach to their craft, the principles that guide them, the emotions that music awakens, and how their experience is enhanced by Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which enables them to hear more – and thus feel more – of the music as they intended it to sound.

TikTok: Now You Know
We Are Social
TikTok had already captured the attention of Gen Z, but how could it break beyond its reputation as an app for dancing teens and appeal to a wider audience? The answer lay in lifehacks.

The integrated campaign ‘Now You Know’ is a celebration of the fascinating, educational and diverse content available on TikTok, with a truly Aussie angle, to help position it as a trusted entertainment platform for Australians of all ages.

High-calibre and emerging Australian creators like @shepmates, @theaussierapunzel, @chebbo, @astrokirsten and many others, entertain the audience with their top tips ranging from how to capture a huntsman spider to how to make banana skin taste like bacon.

‘Now You Know’ launched with a hero 30” film, 15’’ and 6’’ across TV, Cinema, BVOD and Social and was supported with a range of OOH executions.

Hennessy: Harbour Basketball
We Are Social
A floating basketball court. A musical performance by A$AP Ferg. The stunning backdrop of the Sydney skyline. These were the ingredients for Hennessy’s Australian celebration of their partnership with the NBA. The only thing missing was epic coverage to match.

Realising that both a sense of scale and intimacy were important, We Are Social shot with a drone guided by a veteran director of photography, as well as capturing footage from the court and a party yacht moored nearby, to get up close and personal with the talent. The footage was distilled into a hero video over a blistering 24-hour period, taking the experience from the Sydney harbour to the world.

Ardbeg: Peat Mie
We Are Social
The first pie in the world requiring proof-of-age to eat? We Are Social made it happen.

When Ardbeg — one of the peatiest, smokiest, whiskies in existence — sought to grow Australian membership of the Ardbeg Committee, the brand’s exclusive Loyalty Club — we needed to make the unfamiliar familiar. So, in partnership with the award-winning chefs at Melbourne’s temple of smoke, Fancy Hanks, we took Australia’s most iconic culinary creation, the Meat Pie, and turned the Islay up to 11.

Made with smoky brisket from Wanderer Beef, Gippsland, and the Ardbeg 8-Year-Old, this adventurous culinary creation was revealed to the public at an exclusive launch party, where the only way for attendees to win a ticket was to sign up for the Ardbeg Committee.

The Work 2023 Contenders: We Are Social

adidas: Women World Cup match ball launch
We Are Social
To launch their Women’s World Cup official ball sponsorship, adidas staged an eye-catching stunt, with a giant version of the match ball flying over Bondi Beach and landing at Marks Park. We Are Social documented the experience, telling the ball’s innovation story and featuring sports champions, ambassador talent, and football content creators.

A giant ball flying through the skies was hard to miss if you were in Sydney, but We Are Social’s content took the launch to the world with content published locally and globally across various markets, with a single TikTok generating 14.5 million views alone.


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